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Empower Your Path Of yoga

Change your relationship to your body, health, and aging. Connect with others that are compatible with your energy & sustain your vibrancy.

Join a community led by Tiffany's experienced guidance, where her wisdom enriches every practice, and her support is a constant. In this vibrant, global network of yogis, you're always part of the circle—engaging live or in your own sacred time. Here, within our exclusive forum, Tiffany is as accessible as the collective wisdom, ensuring that wherever you are, you can share, grow, and connect.

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Our honor-based, tiered pricing model combines what you can afford with how you want your practice to support the person you are becoming

Let's support each other in building a dedicated, devotional practice by acknowledging that "having skin in the game" starts with mutual respect and responsibility.

What can The Yoga Lifestyle bring you?

Anusara® Yoga transformed the quality of my life. I found relief from debilitating migraines, healed a broken neck, and implemented lifestyle choices that create peace. Living a Yogic Life doesn’t mean I have to live in an ashram or eat tofu - It means that I get to align with the truth of what it takes to LIVE FULLY.

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Enjoy ever-expanding premium content with new classes, meditations, and exclusive bundles added every month. Tailor your journey with a variety of options—from energizing 45-minute flows to quick 20-minute refreshers and calming meditations. It's all here for you to explore at your pace, on your schedule. Dive into our rich library to find your go-to class and get exactly what you need, whenever you need it.

Monthly Series

What are the practices of yoga really for? 

“To wake up the inner most arousal of our being and to live more deeply”

~ Tiff

Enjoy a NEW cultivated program each month. Build your confidence & deepen your education. Each series is designed to improve strength, balance, flexibility and the skills necessary to grow your practice. Explore Tantra Yoga philosophy as a way to support your life’s view of walking the talk of yoga on and off the mat!

This July: Playful Wisdom ~ Strength & Joy

Krishna is the Dark One, the God of Divine Play and the All-Loving One who awakens Universal Consciousness with his enchanting flute. As a beloved friend and Divine Lover, Krishna joyfully breaks down the walls around the heart, guiding us to the innermost sanctuary of pure love.

With a focus on playful exploration, we'll progressively build up to Krishna's peacock pose, handstands, and Urdhva Dhanurasana. This series transforms the mat into a sacred playground where breath, asana, and creative movements harmonize with a 'hint of a smile.'

Engage with Krishna’s stories to uncover his timeless teachings and discover practical applications for daily life. Experience increased physical strength and flexibility, and cultivate a joyful, playful spirit. Deepen your connection to the heart, embodying a playful and loving essence both on and off the mat.

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Our classes are designed to accommodate the ebb and flow of your life, which is why we offer a variety of times throughout the week for live sessions. Our on-demand library is also available 24/7, ensuring that you can enjoy your practice whenever it suits you best. Check our schedule for live class times and discover the flexibility of practicing at your own pace with our extensive collection of recorded sessions. You can access the class calendar here.

Absolutely! We understand the need for flexibility in your practice. While our membership offers the most enriching experience, we also offer the option to purchase single classes. This allows you to tailor your yoga journey to fit your schedule and needs. Feel free to explore our offerings and find the class that speaks to you. You can purchase class cards here.

Dive into our live classes with our current monthly series! And remember, when you join the membership you will receive access to an on-demand library. 

If you are new, I suggest the Optimal Blueprint Series to build a foundation.

If you are looking to improve your health  I suggest starting with the Reduce Inflammation Series which will increase your digestive fire and soothe the nervous system. 

If you’re wanting more on how non-dual Tantra applies in asana and life I suggest the Gita Series to grow your yoga vocabulary on and off the mat.

Anusara yoga is a modern-day Hatha yoga system that is grounded in a non-dual Tantric philosophy that believes in the intrinsic goodness of every being. It’s characterized by a strong focus on biomechanical alignment, heart-opening poses, and the celebration of community. Anusara translates to ‘flowing with grace,’ and it invites students of all levels to explore who they are when they remember they are not separate or alone in the journey of Self discovery.

Anusara yoga was established in 1997 and then became a teacher-led and student focused global school called the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. In 2012, I came in and helped develop the schools vision and mission and then chaired the Community Resiliency Committee for several years. There, I helped establish a Compassionate Communications protocol that offered the global network of teachers skills and training in how to address the challenges that arise in interpersonal communication within the dynamics of yoga as a business and way of life.

Affectionately known as ‘Saint Tiff’ by her students, Tiffany embodies a profound blend of life’s wisdom and yogic philosophy, which she imparts with a genuine and approachable spirit. Her teachings go beyond the mat, influencing lives in the quiet corners of daily existence. Tiffany believes in the power of introspection paired with the joy of self-discovery, guiding her students through a journey that balances deep, introspective work with the freedom of fun and authenticity. Emphasizing self-care as a gateway to communal well-being, she champions the strength found in vulnerability and the transformative power that comes from embracing both the light and dark within us. Tiffany’s holistic approach is a testament to the life-changing potential of yoga, supported by the latest in quantum sciences, and offers a path to those ready to step into joy and truly know peace.

After joining the Yoga Lifestyle Membership, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one session with Tiffany herself. This 30-minute call is a chance for personalized guidance tailored to your unique journey in yoga. Tiffany will offer coaching that aligns with her deep wisdom and intuitive approach, focusing on empowering your practice and navigating any challenges you face. It’s a space for open dialogue, where Tiffany’s seasoned insights can help illuminate your path to deeper fulfillment and self-discovery on and off the mat.