January Beginner Series

Join our beginner series! This is a FREE series of four classes. We will start with the basics of foundation & general form for a few of the most popular yoga poses. Learn how to use the breath in a yoga practice and to build a sense of trust in your body. 

Jan. 2 – Ease in Posture 

The foundation & basic form of key postures used in most yoga practices. Open to the grace of the practice through breath to create a sense of ease in your body. Feeling at ease in a yoga pose doesn’t have to take years. Learn how to feel grounded and open now!

Jan. 9 – Stability & Freedom

Standing poses to create safety & freedom so you feel supported. Build strength so you can stretch into new potential. Learn the two primary flows of energy in a yoga practice. This pulsation is called “spanda” in Sanskrit and helps create healthy joints and increase energy.

Jan. 16 – Alignment 

Clarify the actions of your legs and hips to protect your lower back in yoga. Practice downward facing & other key poses to learn more about your body, your breath, and your inner glow.

Jan. 23 – Action

A slow flow that combines a full body practice t0 understand how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Leave feeling empowered to progress your practice. Combine everything learned in the preceding classes and embrace that the journey begins every time you land on your yoga mat.

This is a great place for yogis of all capabilities! Beginner students will be served along with seasoned practitioners who are ready to remember the roots of the practice. 

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