Tiffany Wood Yoga


A series of yoga retreats designed to unite community through daily meditation, asana practices, sound healing, artistic expression, fun, food and frolicking.

The Cultivation of Desire - Joseph, OR

Everything truly depends on one's point of view. Creating a life of happiness, abundance, and freedom is the Tantric Yogi's point of view. 

Desire is the spark that can ignite your best life

Ireland Anusara Yoga Festival

Professor Bill Mahony – Bridget Kramer Woods – Tiffany Wood – Sarah Powell - Noeleen Tyrrell and many more are joining forces in Ireland!

Mexico Yoga Retreat 2019

This is a true getaway into the sanctuary that defines retreat! Come for the yoga and discover why people return for the amazing friendships. This retreat will particularly focus on how to explore the Subtle Body through breath and other practices that build sensitivity to how we channel energy and direct energy for our highest good.

The body is a sanctuary, a microcosm of The Universe