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Sep 27, 2019 | Salt Lake City

Clarity In Communication

Are you sometimes challenged by living yoga off the mat? Do you long to communicate from the heart and get your needs met? Is there a compassionate way to share with someone that their behavior is frustrating ? Can you consciously maintain a connection with a co-worker whose ability to follow-through seems lacking? The answer is: Yes.  

This workshop is a hybrid of hatha yoga practices and study of authentic communication practices supported by Anusara yoga's Principles of Alignment and Non-Dual Tantra.

What You Will Learn

  • Expanding asana practices and empathy practices
  • How to recognize & shift stress patterns in communication
  • How to create more peace in personal and business relationships
  • The four components of communication: OFNR: Observation - Feelings - Needs - Requests.

Specific Practices to Take Home

  • Self Connection Process: Body-Breath-Need
  • Elements of Empathy: Presence-Understanding-Needs {6 minute practice}
  • OFNR for small upsets and communication barriers
  • Enemy Image 3-step process

Who Should Attend?

If you would like to expand your asana practice AND have more satisfying and engaging relationships, this course is for you! Take this introductory course is designed for those interested in how to take their yoga off the mat, especially when we feel contracted around the conversations we don't want to have. Anyone interested in cultivating harmony internally and externally will leave with immediate skills to reduce stress and create clarity in communication.

This module counts for 14 CEU credits with Yoga Alliance and toward elective hours in ASHY's 300 Hour Teacher Training


September 27-29


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday

9:30 am - 12:30 pm & 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm 


Asana practice will provide a physical introduction to self empathy through a deep hip opening practice! Build awareness of what you feel during the practice and how to meet your needs physically, mentally and emotionally. Open to practitioners of all levels. 


  • Introduction to Non-Violent Communication and ASHY's Compassionate Communication Framework
  • Break down, understand, and practice 3 of the components of communication: Observation, Feeling, Need
  • How to stop Flight-Fight-Freeze reactions when triggered in communication or in life - Self Connection Practice
  • The Circle of Safety: Elements of Empathy 6 minute practice
  • One hour asana practice integrating Breath-Body-Need and Observation-Feeling-Need


  • Integrate the Self Connection and the Elements of Empathy practices
  • Break down, understand and practice the 4th component of communication: REQUESTS vs. DEMAND
  • Practice all 4 components of communication: OFNR
  • Enemy Image 3-step process
  • One hour asana integrating how to make a request of Self and Others

Post-training Support Program

October 23: 7 pm - 8 pm

November 13: 7 pm - 8 pm

December 4: 7 pm - 8 pm

Included in the registration is a unique and supportive post-training program designed to help integrate the skills learned over the weekend workshop. A video conference call will allow participants to engage from their own home and receive further tutorial from Tiffany and guidance from the experience of the group. 

Additionally, a private Facebook group will be created so that group members can engage the practices learned over the weekend on a daily or regular basis. Tiffany will also provide constructive feedback and personally engage with participants in this forum. 

Attendance of post-training video calls is not required to attend the workshop. However, attendance will greatly increase the integration of the skills! Choosing not to attend the video calls will not change the registration fee.

Continuing Education Credits

This course is eligible for credit toward elective hours toward ASHY 300 hour Teacher Training and Yoga Alliance CEU's. Certificates will be given after complete attendance. 

Suggested Reading

Choosing Peace by Ike Lasater & John Kinyon

Who is Tiff's host?

Alicia Poldino, E-RYT, RPYT

Founder, Utah Prenatal Yoga


Yoga provided a powerful and peaceful respite during my adventure into motherhood. Taking time for a yoga class that I loved helped me stay steady and focused on the big picture. I started teaching prenatal yoga when I was expecting my second son because I was inspired by how yoga had played such an important role in my transition through motherhood and pregnancy. I wanted to create a dedicated space for expecting mothers to fully connect with the physical and emotional changes that take place during the birth year. My wish is that every woman can find a place that offers support and preparation, an intentional time to connect with her strength and intuition while navigating motherhood.

I took my first yoga class in 1998 and I have explored and enjoyed various styles of yoga in the years since then. Over time I morphed into a mom and a yoga teacher. My yoga classes incorporate formal training in Anusara ® (alignment-based hatha) with my appreciation for other styles of yoga including Kundalini and Vinyasa. Finding the humor in having babies is essential to my sanity, and I sincerely believe that a consistent yoga practice can improve the experience of pregnancy, birthing, and parenting. You can expect a good (safe!) workout as well as ample relaxation in my prenatal and postnatal classes.

I’ve been blessed to have many amazing teachers, and I am grateful to every one of them. I am honored to have witnessed so many beautiful women embrace the fullness of being a mother. Most of all I am thankful for the support of my family– I love you bigger than the universe.


1140 Brickyard Road • Brickyard Plaza • Ste 75 

Second level between Kohl's & TJ Maxx

Utah Prenatal Yoga is Utah’s first and only yoga studio dedicated specifically to supporting women during the birth years.  All yoga classes are taught by Registered Prenatal Yoga Teachers and Certified Postnatal Yoga Teachers.


Yogic Communication Skills

14 hour workshop and post-training support

$315 before Aug 01, 2019, thereafter


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