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These yoga workshops, events, and special classes include the physical practice of yoga, pranayama (breath work), meditation, live music, mantra, philosophy, chakra work and more. Each one will take you deeper into your practice, teach you skills to use off-the-mat, and assist with your personal journey of self discovery.

Cultivate Compassion & Inspire Collaboration

Learn how to build a culture of psychological safety, trust, and cooperation through communication skills and mediation "maps" that integrate empathy, mindfulness, and a language of universal human needs

The Shop, Park City, UT

Oct 10, 2017

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Increase Your Abundance

Discover the deeper vision of your heart and ride its current into the Universal flow of Abundance. Through the practice of Anusara Yoga that includes the wisdom of Tantric philosophy, asana and meditation, we will expand our abilities to hold more power, more abundance, and more joy.

Kula Yoga + Tea in Moscow ID

Nov 03, 2017

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Experience the HEART of Daily Life

Join us in welcoming World renowned scholar Bill Mahoney! Together, we will unpack, discuss, and fall in love with one of the most respected primary texts of the Tantra yoga philosophy: the Pratyabhijnahrdayam or “Heart of Recognition”.  

The Shop, Park City, Utah

Nov 10, 2017

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