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Tiffany Wood ~ KULA Yoga & Tea

Feb 22, 2019 | Moscow, Idaho

The Subtle Body with Tiffany Wood

Weekend Overview

 The Tantric tradition says the only difference between you and the Divine is contraction. This is why Tantra takes an interest in all forms of practice that cultivate expansion by enhancing the flow of life-force energy in the body.

Align with the wisdom of nature to promote physical health, psychological balance, and spiritual awakening. Learn practices that connect  asana and mudra based meditation to each of the five types of Energy/Prana.  Expand your awareness of the Subtle Body to recognize the Divine within.

Friday, February 22, 5:30pm – 8:30pm: HOME in the Body
Build awareness and trust in the structure of the body with practices designed to reduce stress and increase energy!  Learn how to bring the breath into the base of the body to optimize circulation in the pelvis and lower back and lower blood pressure. Become present in your body and strengthen your bones, nourish your joints, and step into life with greater ease. 

  • Focus on standing postures and hip openers
  • Mudras that help activate Apana Vayu - the downward current of energy
  • Practices that facilitate a state of deep calm

Saturday, February 23, 10:00am – 1:00pm: Alive with Vitality
Awaken the inner sunlight that enhances circulation to the digestion system and strengthens your core muscles. Enhanced movement of the lower ribs supports optimal circulation to the areas of the kidneys and adrenal glands. Activate Samana Vayu/ to increase abundant energy and enthusiasm to promote clarity in seeing your life's purpose. 

  • Focus on postures that build strength in the core, warmth and balance 
  • Mudras that help activate Samana Vayu - the energy that helps assimilate nutrients
  • Practices that cultivate personal power and radiance throughout your being

Saturday, February 23, 3:00pm – 6:00pm: Balance of Giving and Receiving
Balance and support your circulatory and nervous system by enhancing breath capacity and mobility in the chest and upper body. This mildly energizing practice will find balance by learning how to consciously direct the flow of all five types of prana/energy of the breath. Calm your mind and create space between thoughts to instill a sense of compassion and self-acceptance. 

  • Focus on postures that open the heart space
  • Specific breathing exercises that build awareness of how the five types of prana build and interact with one another
  • Practice focused on creating feelings of a joyful heart, a focused mind, and a vibrant body

Sunday, February 24, 10:00am – 1:00pm: Open to Grace 
Limitless JOY is your true nature. Enjoy practices designed to release tension from the neck and shoulders, increase circulation to the thyroid and increase sensitivity to your INNER GUIDE. 

  • Focus on postures that safely prepare for and include inversions 
  • A guided meditation practice that will include use of several mudras all designed to awaken the spine and the lungs, balance your level of energy, and prepare you access a deeply meditative state


Full Weekend: $180

Single Session: $55


Kula: yoga + tea was founded in January 2017 by Madi Hull. The previous name of Kula was Nourish Yoga and it was purchased by Madi in October of 2016 from Nancy Burtenshaw and Mark McKinney. Kula is located on Main Street in Moscow, Idaho. Many teachers from around the area come to Kula to offer up their teachings in yoga, meditation, and life experience.

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