Tiffany Wood Yoga


 There are three programs available for creating yoga as a lifestyle! Start at the basics and deepen your current practice OR build on what you've already developed and maintain a leading edge practice.  

  • From Worrier to Warrior! The 100 Hour Immersion is for ANY student of yoga. 
  • The 200 Hour Teacher Training is for those ready to learn the basics of embodying and teaching yoga.   
  • The 300 Hour Advanced Teacher for those building on a current teaching practice to become more skillful, confident, and wise teachers of yoga. 

From Worrier to Warrior!

teacher training session

From Worrier to Warrior! 

AKA The Anusara yoga 100-Hour Immersion

As a journey into into deeper study, its designed to support students of all levels, ages and backgrounds in coming together in learning and sharing. Its an ideal course for any student of yoga interested in integrating yoga as a lifestyle. For those considering yoga as a career, the 100-Hour Immersion training is part of the 200 hour basic teacher training AND counts toward elective hours for the 300 hour advanced teacher training!


What to expect: A step into consistency will empower your life and practice so that you truly understand in matters most to you through the tradition of yoga. You will learn how to show up for your practice and how the lineage of yoga supports you in all walks of life.

The IMMERSION is: A demanding program developed by some of the world's leading minds and practitioners of yoga. Its designed to engage in the essential practices of Anusara™ yoga: 

  • the physical practice of alignment-based, bio-mechanically wise asana/postures
  • meditation practices as affirmation to being clear and present in the journey of life
  • Heart-centered and trans-formative self-inquiry through the study of non-dual yoga philosophy to help strengthen your spiritual and mental capacities 

Engaging with these practices will develop your working understanding of the Anusara Methodology™ and will guide you  into radical self-acceptance with greater freedom and stability.

This program is not about teaching yoga. Its about learning the principles and practices of being a Yogi.  Its about learning how to live and teach from within yourself. This program is unique in that it brings out the teacher and  the leader in all participants. Through experiential and embodied learning you to discover the practices and techniques more deeply for yourself. Your body, your mind and your heart will transform as a result. From there, you will embody yoga in a way that moves through life with you and becomes the  truth you share because of your love for yoga.