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Pathway to Certification 

Certification in the science and art of teaching Anusara Yoga is a commitment to creating yoga as a lifestyle. The Anusara Yoga teacher training program supports the student-teacher by offering structure and development that leads to mastery. Start at the basic OR build on what you've already developed and maintain a leading edge practice. Supported by the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga and its global community of leaders and teachers, the curriculum and mentoring programs provide a life-time of study, personal growth and professional development opportunities. 

Anusara Yoga 100-Hour Immersion

The 100 Hour Immersion is for ANY student of yoga. This training is ideal for ANY student of yoga because it draws upon the ancient wisdom of yoga and helps each individual create yoga as a lifestyle. This program is not about teaching yoga. It is about learning the principles and practices of being a Yogi. It is about learning how to live and teach from within yourself. Completion of this course offers these benefits:

  • A demanding program developed by some of the world's leading minds and practitioners of yoga. It is designed to engage in the essential practices of Anusara™ yoga: asana, meditation, and philosophical studies.
  • Eligibility for the 100 Hour Teacher Training
  • Repeat all or part as elective hours for the Anusara Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training. 

Anusara Yoga 100-Hour Teacher Training

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The 100 Hour Teacher Training combined with the 100 Hour Immersion is for those ready to learn the basics of embodying and teaching yoga. Completion of this program offers the following benefits:

  • Designation as Anusara Elements Teacher &/or Yoga Alliance RYT-200
  • Declare publicly in your classes, on schedules, in your marketing and promotions the distinction of being an Anusara Elements Teacher.
  • Listing in the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga teacher directory, linking you to a page the ASHY website all about you.
  • Eligibility to apply for Anusara Inspired licensing with two years of teaching experience
  • Mentoring and community support from the local and global network of highly skilled teachers.

Anusara Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training

The Pathway to Mastery

The 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training is for those building on a current teaching practice to become more skillful, confident, and wise teachers of yoga. This program offers the following benefits:

  • Study and mentoring cultivating the teaching and personal development skills necessary to apply for Anusara Inspired licensing.
  • Completion of all 300 hours and (# of classroom teaching hours) 

Requirements for edibility include:

  • Completion of The Anusara 100 Hour Immersion and 100 Hour Teacher Training.
  • Completion of a 35 hour Anusara-Integration course for those who obtained 200 hour teaching certificates outside of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

 This program is designed to develop and refine the student-teacher at the pace of the individual. Modules can be taken by any Certified Advanced Teacher of Anusara Yoga anywhere in the world. 

200-Hour Teacher Training

teacher training session

100-Hour Anusara Teacher Training 

Take entire training online or choose to take July and August sessions in-person in Park City (in-person segments subject to COVID-19 health guidelines).

  • April 21, 23-25 - online via Zoom
  • May 19, 21-23 - online via Zoom
  • June 23, 25-27 - online via Zoom
  • July 28, 30- August 1 - online + in person, your choice!
  • August 25, 27-29 - online + in person, your choice!

4 Mid-Month Online Check-Ins on Wednesdays: 4-7 pm MDT 

  • May 5
  • June 9
  • July 14
  • August 4

Completion Ceremony: August 29 - 5:00 - 7:00 PM MDT


Session One: April 21, 23-25

  • Opening to Grace as a Teacher
  • Attitude, Alignment, Action; The Anusara Method
  • The 5 UPA's Systematically Applied to Standing Postures
  • Plain & Active Language Skills - Foundation & General Form
  • Anatomy: Optimal Blueprint & Open To Grace + Skeletal Awareness
  • Orient to the Heart of the Student; online or in person

Session Two: May 19, 21-23

  • Standing Postures: Inner & Outer Spiral + The Loops
  • Anatomy: Lower Body 
  • Language Skills: Directional Cues & Linking Commands
  • Ethical Guidelines - The 8 Limbed Path
  • Sequencing Skills
  • Business of Yoga: Who are YOU? 

Session Three: June 23, 25-27

  • The UPA's of Lower Body Applied to Back Bend Postures
  • Teaching with a Heart Quality & Theme
  • Philosophy: Shiva & Shakti - Attributes & Powers of the Divine
  • Balanced Action: Manifesting & Liberating Currents in Asana & Life
  • Anatomy of Core Stabilizing - UPA's and Bhandas
  • Ujjayi Pranayama & Asana

Session Four: July 28, 30-August 1

  • The UPA's of Upper Body: Back Bend Postures
  • Theme and Heart Qualities Continued
  • Anatomy: Breath & Koshas
  • Teaching Basic Pranayama (Breath) Practices
  • The Breath and the 7 Loops
  • Teaching Basic Meditation
  • Contraindications 

Session Five: August 25, 27-29

  • UPA's of Forward Folds and Twist Postures
  • Anatomy: The Energy Body - Prana - Chakras
  • Verbal & Hands on Adjustments
  • The Business of Yoga: Marketing & Promotion
  • SanKalpa - The Intention & Courage to Teach


  • Wednesday: 4:00 - 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 4:00 - 7:00 PM 
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM - 1 PM; 2:30 - 6:00 PM 
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM 
  • All times are MDT


 $1,495 EARLY BIRD - Paid by April 2, 2021 - $1,695 THEREAFTER

  • Individual Modules: $379 
  • Payment plan available
  • Financial assistance plan available