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The Secret Heart

Jun 07, 2019 | Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat

Ireland & UK Anusara Gathering

Join us for a weekend of deep blissful yoga, sharing and having fun together. Spend a few days in our little piece of heaven at the Ard Nahoo Yoga School & Eco Retreat and study with great teachers from Ireland, the UK and beyond. Let the healing wildness of the landscape at Ard Nahoo work its magic as we practice in the stunning home of Anusara Yoga in Ireland.

S T U D Y - P R A C T I C E - P L A Y
Professor Bill Mahony – Bridget Kramer Woods – Sarah Powell – Noeleen Tyrrell -Tiffany Wood and more! 

The Secret Heart

In the yogic context, the concept of the heart carries many beautiful connotations.

The Heart (Sanskrit hṛdaya and similar terms) is the the most sublime, powerful, affirming, loving, divine presence within you. So, the Heart refers to the finest essence of your being.

The Heart also refers to the encompassing community that is grounded in and oriented toward the divine Presence within all beings

You may not always experience the true Heart, or you may not always know how to express it, for it is often hidden. In yogic terms, it is guha-hṛdaya, the “Secret Heart.”

Anusara Yoga is oriented toward aligning with that Secret Heart that pulsates within you.

When referring to yogic texts, the word “heart,” hṛdaya, also refers to the most refined and precise set of yogic teachings about this divine power and presence with each of us. One such textual epitomes of yoga philosophy is called  the “Heart of Recogjtion” (Pratyabhijṇā-hṛdaya), from the eleventh century, which presents the process by which we come to know the true Heart.

In this retreat, we will study, discuss, contemplate, integrate, and apply the teachings of the “Heart of Recognition” (Pratyabhijñā-hṛdaya) as we seek to know, understand, and embody that Secret Heart. Do join us! 




Ard Nahoo is located in Dromahair, Co. Leitrim Ireland. Its a 1 hour drive from Knock International Airport, 2 hours from Belfast and 3 hours from Dublin.  For information on lodging, transportation and weekend details and registration, please visit Ard Nahoo Yoga School & Eco Retreat

Meet Our Special Guest of Honour :



Bill is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Religion at Davidson College, where he teaches courses on the religions of India, centering particularly on the contemplative and devotional sensibilities and practices associated with those traditions. The recipient of a number of teaching awards and research fellowships, Bill travels to India frequently and has lived in contemplative settings for extended periods of time.

Bill works internationally with the yoga community in leading workshops and retreats on the cultivation and refinement of the spiritual life. He is known for his warm, lively and compassionate teaching style that is accessible to contemporary yoga students at all levels.


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Fully Residential Ticket
Cost: €420
2 nights accommodation
Delicious vegetarian food
(Breakfast, lunch & dinner)
All yoga classes & workshops
Kirtan & social evenings with live music

Non – Residential Ticket
Cost: €350


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