Show yourself you are capable of holding the light through the power of asana practice, ancient philosophies & the act of showing up for yourself! This retreat will teach you how to expand your capacity for living fully through setting boundaries, and why the space of feeling your limitations is where you claim the power to truly live freely.

The ancient non-dual Tantric concept of Spanda is about a subtle, yet very alive pulsation within each of us. This pulsation is the pure awareness of simply “being.” Yoga awakens this Spanda state by honoring the union of the Masculine and Feminine energies that express life through our experiences of the world we create. Learning to fine tune the pulsation of Spanda allows us to simultaneously strengthen and expand our capacity to hold the light of hope and peace that makes a difference in the world around us.

This retreat offers mental, physical and energetic practices designed to expand access to your Center Point. When we practice bringing our awareness into our center, we can then expand outward into the world in a stable and sustainable manner.

Retreat is limited to 20 participants! Register early to save your spot!

Bluebarn DP 9182

Included in Registration

Daily physical practices incorporated with philosophical study, chanting, sound healing and group connection practices

Daily meditation practice

Group discussions with Q&A

Lessons on Ayurvedic concepts, natural healing and self massage techniques

Journaling and self inquiry exercises

Catered lunch on Saturday

**REGISTRATION DOES NOT INCLUDE LODGING. Please visit for a list of local accommodations.**

Welcome to Joseph, OR

Tucked away in Northeastern Oregon, Joseph is a small town with a lot of charm. The town’s scenic location provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities, including hiking, kayaking and wilderness appreciation, while downtown features a charming shopping and restaurant scene. The Blue Barn itself provides a rustic sense of living in harmony with nature to the experience. Past retreat participants reported loving hearing the goats and chickens during Savasana!

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