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Cultivation of meditative awareness & proper body alignment

Conscious breath work (pranayama)

Dig deeper & truly get to know who you are from the inside out. Your heart, your actions, your range-of-motion, your body.

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July Class Schedule

Explore the Optimal Blueprint for healthy living over a series of 10 classes.
We will examine the anatomy of a yogi, and how to align the body so that yoga is a therapy tool. Clear and mitigate muscle aches, joint discomfort, and common misalignments through the physical asana practice.

Courses will also include discussions of functional anatomy, Universal Principles of Alignment, and a series progression that preps you for happy backbends.

All Class Times Are US Mountain Time

Dharma Talk on the Optimal Blueprint
Prepare for the upcoming month's classes with this short video. Pre-recorded 10 minute segment to be sent out via email on Wednesday, June 29.
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You’re Only as Young as Your Feet
Strengthen your feet, and your whole body will feel better! Activate all three arches in your feet through standing, balancing, and grounding postures.
Freedom Through Stability
Build steady shins and healthy knees. Knee strengthening poses and tension release will be the focus. NOTE: There will be no live class on July 4th, enjoy this free recording as a bonus!
The Spanda of Healthy Hips
As the song goes, the shin bone's connected to the thigh bone and pelvic bones. Take a trip around the hips to open them up for healthy knees and backs.
Step into Your Badass Self
This course will explore the three curves of the spine and allow you to access your inner mojo.
Hands Like Feet, Arms Like Legs
Reframe the functions of the body through this journey of the conundrum of Downward Facing Dog.
The Eye, The Accordion & The Anchor
The eye of the elbow, the accordion of the rib cage, and the anchor of the shoulder blade. How do the arms work in all the various positions?
Neck Therapy: Principles of Back Bend
Create space in your neck as we prepare to move into back bends.
As Below, So Above
Build a strong foundation while keeping active legs, a strong core, and an open heart.
Slow Flow
Minimal instructions, no fancy transitions, simply a time to drop into a peaceful presence. NOTE: This class is both included in monthly bundle and available for drop-ins.
The Anatomy of a Yogi in Action
Put it together! Take everything learned from the Optimal Blueprint July Series for a 2 hour practice.