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Cultivation of meditative awareness & proper body alignment

Conscious breath work (pranayama)

Dig deeper & truly get to know who you are from the inside out. Your heart, your actions, your range-of-motion, your body.

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June Class Schedule

June’s classes are designed to optimize our mind-body practices to eliminate inflammation and live in full illumination. Our practice will increase our inner fire and tone the nervous system so we have more energy and contentment throughout the day.

Each Saturday class will focus on strengthening the digestive fire, the core, and the mind-body connection. Meanwhile, Monday classes will focus on eliminating negative stressors and automating positive stressors that increase the brilliance of living life on purpose.

All Class Times Are US Mountain Time

Shri: The Sparkle of Divine Beauty
Let’s put on what I call “Shri Vision” and see the good in ourselves and the world. This practice is all about the "AAAHHH" in Asana. Settle in, get grounded, be open to Grace and pull out all the stops! This will be a TWO HOUR practice that will feel all the feels of OM-azing. Lead with the heart in a practice that delves into backbend strategies that affirm your self-worth.
Remembrance & Celebration
We are practicing yoga all day on and off the mat. The question to ask is, “Are you practicing in alignment with your Highest Self?” Some days we need to remember our connection to Source and other days we flow with that joyful power. Cultivate your Yoga Warrior of the Heart by taking responsibility for how you feel and bring it to the mat. A consistent, long-term practice shows up for- and with- the highs and the lows.
Purify the Body of Toxins
This class will awaken your protective instincts and purify yourself of negative energies.
Sukham or Dukham?
Or, Ease or Stress? Eliminate inflammation by short circuiting fight or flight.
Tapas: To Purify and Burn
Accept pain as motivation for purification in this class.
The Gunas: Moving towards Sattva
What is balanced living? We seek to answer this question and others in this practice.
Tejas: Stoke the Inner Fire
Ignite the fire within you and help improve your digestive health.
Viveka: When a Difference Makes a Difference
When a difference really makes a difference, you notice it.
Established in Continence
Practice with setting boundaries with increased vigor & energy in this class.
Eliminate the adrenaline addiction by learning to understand yourself.