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Cultivation of meditative awareness & proper body alignment

Conscious breath work (pranayama)

Dig deeper & truly get to know who you are from the inside out. Your heart, your actions, your range-of-motion, your body.

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September Class Schedule

There are many aspects to success. It's a journey, not a destination, that takes us to a deeper experience of our potential. Create liberating structures that support greater health, energy, relationships, freedom, emotional & psychological stability, and inner peace. Nurture the possibility that the true meaning of success unfolds when we align to the Universal Laws of Life.

All Class Times Are US Mountain Time

Success in Life (Pre-recorded)
Where is your next level of thrive? What are you calling in for the next months ahead? Let’s create an intention and use the Laws of Attraction to build the bridge of success.
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Pure Potentiality
Align with the Power that manifests everything in life. Be open to stillness and rest in your own meditative awareness. Class focus: Deep hip openers that lead to a Full Lotus approach with meditation.
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Give to Receive
A flow practice that will open your willingness to offer what you want to call in. Keep abundance flowing in your life by aligning your "WHY" with "HOW." Class focus: Pulsation and flow with Happy Heart openers & Bhakasana variations.
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You are Enough
Let go of upholding your sense of importance. Radical self acceptance is the fruit of this practice. Class focus: Back body activation & belly down back bends.
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Cause & Effect
Eliminate fatigue by attuning yourself to decisions that bring joy through action. Class focus: Flexibility, strength, control & awareness to burn away the impurities of "should" and "have to."
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Intention & Desire
Focus the quality of your attention to use the present to call in your future. Give yourself an hour of single pointed attention to clear away outdated stories your mind tells you about yourself. Class focus: Forward folds and inversions.
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Accelerate your personal process of evolution. Be open to uncertainty, stop forcing solutions and embrace what emerges. Class focus: Upper body strength & Astravakasana variations.
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Fulfilling your Purpose
Discover why your unique way of expressing life and serving others is how abundance is achieved! Class focus: Hanuman variations.
Q&A with Tiffany
This class is designed to answer any questions that may come up throughout the series. Send in your questions to