2 Hour In-Person
Master Class

August 17, 2024 @ 3pm

Power of Love

Ready for yoga rooted in ancient wisdom? Dive deeper with the guiding light of a master teacher. Experience a class that transcends the ordinary, nurturing both mind and body with the richness of timeless knowledge and profound insight.

Quench Your Thirst for Deeper Yoga Insights

Take a plunge into the captivating world of the Mythical Tales of Yoga. Join our Master Classes to witness your practice reach new heights. Delve into fundamental alignment principles, transforming your practice into one of resilience and power. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of a different Yogic Deity each month, unlocking endless insights and profound Self mastery.

August Master Class Insights

Durga: The Goddess of Fierce Protection, the invincible Goddess on a tiger or lion, embodies fierce power to conquer the misaligned ego. This master class will help you overcome self-defeating patterns and build a strong sense of community and resilience.

Pranic Power: The tiger symbolizes pranic power, the breath energizing your being. Learn to harness this force through breathwork and movement, awakening your inner tiger to enhance vitality across physical, mental, emotional, and intuitive dimensions.

Bathe in the Abhisheka Experience the sacred bathing of prana to each cell. This practice fosters inner resourcefulness, helping you release over-efforting, conserve energy, and find inner peace by addressing disruptive fears.

Each monthly practice will include

Dive into the expertise of Tiffany, a globally acclaimed Anusara Yoga Certified Teacher with over 27 years of teaching wisdom. Immerse in her profound, precise, and heartfelt instruction firsthand and elevate your practice to new heights of clarity and transformation.

3pm - 5pm

The Shop Yoga Studio

1167 Woodside Avenue Park City, Utah

Registration required

Registration closes at 8 am the day of class $29

Embrace the opportunity to experience the magical energy that builds in a class with Tiffany. Focus on a sincere, deep, powerful practice designed to highlight the alchemical effects of yoga... asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, meditation, and community.

Key Actions of the Class

Strong Core & Hug the Midline

Empowered Hands & Feet in asana