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Why You Need to Scrape Your Tongue

Why should you scrape your tongue?

The tongue is the very beginning of your alimentary canal – the pathway by which food enters your body and waste is expelled! Tongue scraping is a part of Ayruvedic (the sister-science to yoga) self care practices for improving digestion by removing toxins such as bacteria, fungi and dead cells that were deposited on your tongue by your digestive system over night. The action of scraping will also awaken your digestive system so that it can better take care of you.

Scraping your tongue helps to keep the toxins that accumulated overnight as your digestive system did its job from being reabsorbed into your body.

·        Digestive health is the foundation of optimal health! Your digestive fire will increase as you stimulate the tongue.

·        The tongue is part of your body’s immune system! Scraping your tongue prevents toxins from being reabsorbed and will boost your immunity.

·        Add in this practice to your oral hygiene and radically eliminate the bacteria responsible for all dental issues.

·        Unblock your taste buds! This will help eliminate false cravings or the inability to recognize taste. Better enjoyment of your food will help your body                   better digest and assimilate what you eat.

·        Improve your self esteem! Tongue scraping helps eliminate bad breath and improves the appearance of your mouth in general as it takes on greater              health.

How do you scrape your tongue?

The best time is just after hydrating with warm water as part of your morning self care practices. I recommend the U-shaped metal scraper. Stand in front of your sink, hold each end of the scraper, stick out your tongue and relax it so it is flat and pliable. Use firm and gentle pressure to scrape from the back to the front of your tongue. Rinse the scraper with each pass being sure to scrape the entire surface until it feels clean.

Enjoy better digestive health and better energy by embracing this simple practice each morning!!


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