Tiffany Wood Yoga

1 Confessions of a non-traditional Yogi

Coloring Outside the Lines 

I've heard that I'm not a traditional yogi more than a few times.  

I have a long-standing spiritual practice that has developed over the course of my entire life; not just the 25 years I've formally studied a specific lineage of yoga. I've studied with masters from various traditions ranging from ballet to ski racing, psychology to business, non-dual Tantra to Peruvian shamanism, bio-mechanics to energy healing arts, and quantum physics to the brain science of neuro-network repatterning. Each of these traditions offer profoundly unique ways of making sense of the world in which we live and yet, they all have a single common denominator that points to the the individual's power to create/manifest the reality they wish to experience. 

The Goal isn't to See The One; Its Seeing the Many are ONE

A true Shakta Tantrica at heart, I believe that we should look at the wisdom that has been engaged as truth over the centuries, take what worked and build on the evolution that brings the teachings and concepts into our own "right now." Additionally, I like to color outside the lines of the tradition that posits there is "an IT" to get, someone or something else has "IT" and when you finally "get IT" you have then arrived at the state of enlightenment. In other words, its true, I am not a traditionalist that believes we cannot be enough until we've attained the view of the highest vista, embraced Joy once and for all, and then descends the ladder again to teach others to climb.

I believe we must all find our own gateway from imminence to transcendence AND that there’s a gateway back. There is a bridge to be built, a connection/union to be made, in which we begin to shift the perspective to awakening. 

Achievement gives way to a life of evolving awakening

The following concepts outline the essential truths that inform the yoga that I practice and teach:

  • There's no singular attainment, it’s a process rather than a goal.
  • The process ITSELF is to remain open and unfinished. The Universe is continuing to expand; perfect can only continue to become more. It’s the moment that you touch the heart of Beauty and she says “Yes, and...How do we continue to expand?”
  • No one person can hold all the light, its shared! Taught empowerment and taught interconnectivity in such a way that hierarchy gives way to the community. We all specialize in something and we must open the conversation to include the wisdom of diversity.
  • The One has literally decided to become the many and diversify by its very nature. And yet, its Oneness is never separate from its differences. Our differences are real and deserve to be expressed while always remembering we are never separate from each other. 

Embodiment is a Gift

The material world in which we live is real, its a gift and its also the Divine hiding in plain sight in you as you. We are a reflection of the Divine and now the goal of yoga is to expand the light within by growing our boundaries in such a way that we recognize that we are not broken, there is nothing to fix. We simply get to step into the process of continuously creating more out of ourselves by honoring 

Three Radical Affirmations

1. We cannot purge the unsavory, bad or ugly. They are part of the gift of embodiment

2. Everything we need, we already possess. We must take the gift of life and harness this playful process in such a way that we align with the power that creates worlds.

3. Bringing our unique gifts into the world as a way to affirm and create more beauty and abundance is the practice of yoga that makes a difference in the world. 

A non-traditional approach to 

All the spiritual traditions are trying to explain the continuity and expansion of Being: When you attain Samadhi, then what? Go out for beers??