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Unwavering Dedication

Tiffany Wood students with hands over their hearts

Whatever a person desires, whatever they worship, will eventually be attained. To have selfless love regardless of the object is to have love for the sacred One that permeates all that is. This Bhakti Yoga is one of the noteworthy teachings in chapter 9 of the Bhagavad Gita.

Bhakti yoga is to step into whatever you do with unwavering devotion to the love of Love itself. To act from the place that remembers the bigger picture. Creating and engaging our lives as if the God in all things matters.

Bhakti yoga is connecting to the higher purpose of the experience. Anytime you drop into your heart and feel how loving care is permeating the moment. It’s what happens when the heart leads the way with a steadiness that is inextricably linked to being of service to that which is larger than the individual.

This was exactly my experience at The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s gathering this year in Martha’s Vineyard called Samavesha. For seven days, 150 beautiful people basked in the totality of what it means to allow devotion to be the guiding light that holds individuals in community and in Grace. Seven days that celebrated the unwavering love offering made by Anusara Yogis from across the globe and reaffirmed my choice to remain lovingly and unwaveringly devoted to this method of yoga since 1999.

It is with great delight that I feel Anusara Yoga and the Anusara School of Yoga (ASHY) is brimming with more Bhakti than ever in its third year as a teacher run organization! It’s quite clear that the collective service of those who stepped up to organize and operate ASHY had a strong desire to carry forth the lineage of Bhakti Yoga that has been passed down from teacher to student as the root of the practice is being attained. To Doc Savage, Jane Norton, Deb Payne, Jackie Prete, and BJ Galvan for creating structure from a vision of the heart, to those on the board of directors, to those heading and supporting in committees, to those who teach, practice and hold dear the method of Anusara, I bow in deep pranam to your unwavering dedication to that which is larger than all of us, includes us, and is nothing but us!

I am honored to be the chair of the ethics committee for ASHY. I feel very blessed to have a team of leaders from each region of the world as members of the committee! The role and desire of the ethics committee is to maintain harmony within the structure of our teacher run school by encouraging actions that are devoted to uplifting all of us. Remembering that we are stewards of this Bhakti lineage and creating a vast and wide net that is connected within mutual desire to grow stronger together by interacting with one another as if the God in all things matters.

Because we are indeed human and interactions can become tricky to say the least, we are working on guidelines to maintain integrity in communication and actions. If you have anything you want to bring to attention or contribute, you can contact me or the ethics committee member in your region and you will have a voice and a pathway to clear current or arising challenges in your communities!

Bhakti Blessings,
Tiffany Wood
Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Chair ASHY Ethics Committee

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