Tiffany Wood Yoga

Turn Your World Upside Down... And Create Your Ideal Life!

Tiffany Wood demonstrates headstand yoga pose in her Anusara Teacher Training

What do you want for 2014? How would you be contributing to the world if you had ALL the internal & external resources possible, you knew you cannot fail and had no obligations?

Questions like this can turn your perspective upside down! What a perfect time for a headstand and then a powerful 'Ideal Life' exercise that I got from Dr. Bradford Lester at Mountain Sage Natural Health. Download the Ideal Life exercise.

Creating your Ideal Life is your birth right. Finding a new perspective, with fresh eyes and an open heart isn't nearly as scary as getting a root canal. It will only require you to look inside in ways you may not have until this point. Are you willing?

Step onto you mat and hang out... Upside down! Headstand doesn't mean you have to go all the way up. Keeping your feet on the ground will give you a great new perspective. Hang out in your pose, be with your Self, and allow your breath and your thoughts to slow down. Trusting that everything is, and always will be OK is one of the most valuable lessons of headstand. How in this moment do you have everything you need?

Open to how the Universe is literally pouring itself forth to support and sustain your dreams, open your heart to knowing you cannot fail, and let go looking at life as an obligation. 2014 may just be the year you get to know your Self and what it feels like to be balanced in your physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual Being!

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