Transforming the Five Poisons to Freedom

Ever feel like your mind's been poisoned or your non-working behaviors keep getting the best of you?

You're not alone. For thousands of years yogis have turned to their practices as a means to address suffering. Five types of poison are known as The Kleshas in Sanskrit.

  1. Ignorance -feeling separate from or lacking insight about you're Spiritual Source. This Klesha is seen as the source of the other four.
  2. False Identity/Ego
  3. Attachment
  4. Aversion or repulsion
  5. Fear -of death, yet any fear may boil down to this.

How do Tantric yogis turn afflictions into assets?

When you think of a beauty mark, like the one on Cindy Crawford's gorgeous face, you can see how it helped distinguish her within a sea of beautiful humans. Not knowing Cindy personally, but understanding human nature fairly well, I would bet it took some conscious actions for her to embrace her something different.

The Kleshas run more than skin deep, however. They are hard wired within the human condition. Yet, the Tantra yoga tradition will guide us, over time, to see that what we might experience as stains or afflictions are really gifts that empower us to grow into what makes us unique. We start to embrace the things that are uncomfortable, embarrassing or ugly in life as the darkness we get to bring to light.

The practices are about leaning into ourselves so that our scars become signifiers - Our Lakshmi, the gifts that provoke us to claim our innate goodness. What actions do we need to evoke as our super powers of transformation?

We learn to draw into the focal point of empowerment

Whether this on a yoga mat or when we are rewiring a pattern off the mat, we learn to set our boundaries and channel in what we want. This may take some Svadhyaya - inquiry into how we can choose self empowerment over complacency and this is why meditation and an asana practice are so valuable. Once we start to hug into the person we are becoming and direct our actions to match our intentions, we're connecting to the gift we can then expand out into our lives.

This pulsation called Spanda in Sankrit, is about harnessing the contractions of life with intentional purpose so that we can consciously show up in our ever expanding capacity to rock our Lakshmi - our unique power to BE who we've always been with less poison clouding our view!

Join me on your mat to deepen the connection to your your strengths. Over 25 years of teaching I've seen students create a life of living deeply within the beauty of all that they are! Each week, I come into deeper connection of how I can yet again bring the creme of who I am to the top even as I navigate the twists and turns of being a householder yogi. We call it a practice not because it makes perfect, but because it makes permanent.