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4 Mistakes of the Home Yoga Practice

Let me be clear, I believe there really are no mistakes in life or in yoga. We show up, do our best, and deepen the connection to the meaning of life through trials and tribulations. This is truly the yoga practice! With that said, the home practice is considered an advanced practice largely because of thesethe home practice is where the yogi truly starts to discover how to listen to and learn from their own body and inner wisdom. 

Avoid these common pitfalls of the home yoga practice

1. Thinking you don't have enough time or the right place for a home practice

 Most people struggle to clear out the physical space in their house and/or the mental space and discipline the home practice demands. Once you've purchased your own mat, find a place where you can most easily put all the distractions like the kids or pets, the dust bunnies, or the sudden urge to make a sandwich aside. You don't need much space, but it will help if you clear the clutter and make it inviting. 

You don't have to have a full hour for your practice! Five, fifteen or 30 minutes can go a long way toward improving your health and mental focus for the day.

START with my 5-minute rule! Set a timer for 5 minutes and simply get on your mat and start moving and breathing. If, after 5 minutes, you feel ready to get on with your've done your practice and can feel good about it. 

Once you've discovered a desire for longer practices, consider the second most common mistake even advanced yogis make in their home practice.

2. Skip the centering at the beginning

You made it to your mat, congratulations! Now why would you skip the part of the practice that allows you to slow down and tune into the teacher within? Otherwise, you'll be practicing from the drive of the mind and far less sensitive to what will truly serve your body and heart on that particular day. 

Not sure how to get yourself centered? 

START with 5 good breaths and feel yourself settle into your body! 

3.  No Savasana!

Even advanced yogis make this blunder. Its harder than it sounds to maintain this critical boundary in the home yoga practice! Would you walk away from a word-doc that you just spend 15 minutes to an hour or more without hitting "SAVE?" Think of Savasana like the save command of your practice! You know you love a juicy long Savasana, be sure to not skip dessert and give yourself the gift of delighting in your quiet stillness. 

SET a timer for 3-7 minutes so you can truly let go and relax into your own greatness.

4. Only practicing the poses you like or know.

While there is nothing wrong with doing what makes you happy or sticking to familiar territory, the home practice is the perfect place to discover how the practice itself can truly be the teacher. Taking time to unpack the myriad benefits to the poses that challenge your mental, physical and emotional being is where you will truly begin to grow! 

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Remember...Practice doesn't make perfect; it makes permanent!

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