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Tip of the Month -What's New and Good?

We’ve all been on the hot seat when you simply ask a friend “how are you?” and their reply leaves you in this sea of woes. “I’m exhausted….” Or “My back is killing me and….” Or “just feel so stressed out about the….” This kind of exchange can be exactly the wrong thing for those who are in a rut with chronic pain, fatigue, allergies, depression and more. The science of Neuroplasticity (briefly outlined in this month’s blog) tells us that brain neurons that fire together, wire together and a simple answer to the “how are you” question can keep all the unwanted symptoms of a brain stuck in a rut in the forefront of a person’s experience.

For those really wanting to make a huge shift in their health and happiness, try this simple and incredibly effective phrase for directing a positive and uplifting conversation:

“What’s New and Good?”

Even if a person is experiencing a whole list of “the woes”, when you swap this salutation for the standard they will get to search for something that is exactly that; new and good. This will shift their pattern and place their state of consciousness at a different vibration!

Here Is Another Tip On How to Re-wire Your Brain For Optimal Health and Success

When you are asked the standard “how are you?” Try this answer if you are swimming in your own sea of woes:

“I’m Having A Think Better Than I Feel Day”

For exactly the same reasons touched on previously, shifting your state of being will only happen if you don’t rattle off the list of what’s wrong. The part of the brain that fires every time you say “I’m exhausted” will only keep getting stronger unless you consciously choose to honor and focus on a different reality. Also, it’s pretty fun to watch people’s response to this clever reply! They get it right away that you are taking charge of creating what you want instead of what showed up.

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