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Tip of the Month: The Art of Listening

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Have you ever had someone really listen to you? They are 100% present for you. They don't talk. They sit with you, and listen. If you have experienced this, you know it is one of the biggest gifts someone can give you; you get to express yourself, your true self, without their influence, without their commentary, without their stories, without their opinions. They are holding space for you.

If you haven't experienced this (or even if you have) try giving the gift of listening to someone. Ask someone how they're doing, or what lights them up, what they love, their dreams? And just listen; open your ears to them. Don't listen to your thoughts and your ego wanting to speak and share a similar story, or empathize aloud, just be present with them and listen. And if you forget, and start adding your commentary, or sharing a story, just remember, not everything is about you!! You may find this is an extremely powerful experience not just for them, but for you too!

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