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Tip of the Month: Create More Space in Your Day for YOU!

Tiffany Wood resting her legs on a rock

You can find plenty of advice on 'How to start you day off right' or 'How to make better use of your time' or 'How to create more peace in your life' etc. But what's works for one person may not work for another. So how do you find out what works for you? You experiment! Try new and different things and keep track of how you feel. This may include letting go of certain habits or dependencies. To really experience what works or doesn't work for you, it's best to try something for a period of time, not just one day, as your body needs to attune to the new way. Experiment! Play!

Try these in the morning:

• Get up when you wake up: If you press the snooze button quite a bit, hit it less times each day until you don't press it at all, you just leap out of bed! Or just go for it and get up when you wake!

• Clean your teeth and splash your face with cold water immediately upon getting up. This is so refreshing!

• Meditate before coffee, tea or breakfast. Start with a smaller goal and build on this daily. Try 5 minutes the first day, and then 7 minutes the next day until you build to 15 minutes. If you've never meditated before of find it rather challenging these Tips for meditating might help! Other meditations to try: Shraddha Meditation, Mindful and Equal Awareness Meditations.

• Short Asana practice. This can be as short as 5-10 minutes. It's great to stretch your body in some way especially if you don't move around a lot at your job.

Other ideas: Go for a walk or run, connect with nature or connect with yourself by writing (journaling, poetry).

Habits or dependencies to let go off:

• Do not reach for your smart phone immediately upon waking. In fact don't touch it for at least an hour after waking. Stop bombarding your mind with more stuff when you are hardly even awake! Also, try not using it at least an hour before bedtime.

• Stop any aimless internet and/or social media interaction. If you don't have a purpose then don't engage it! See how much more time you have for you!

• Stop being lost in thought, fantasizing, or fixating on something you cannot change, like the past.

Cut out TV and/or movies or limit to one movie or show a week.

• Cut down/out alcohol, caffeine or drugs (prescriptions are OK)

These are just a few examples, so try making yourself a list of things you do in the morning and throughout the day that waste time, are not beneficial to you, or you are dependent on, and then cut out a few for a set period of time. Letting go of too many at once might be too hard, so three to five would be a good start. Play with it and see how you feel.

Rules of Engagment

• Pick a length of time to and stick to it. Mark it on your calendar and make sure it is somewhere you can see every day. Maybe your start with two weeks and then if you find it beneficial you build from there.

• Keep a daily journal. Notice how you feel during this time. Do you have more time to connect to you? Do you have more energy to do the things you LOVE doing? Do you feel happier? More lonely? Uncomfortable? Angry? Just notice without judgement.

• Accountability. Tell at least one other person about your practice. They may even want to join you! Having support and interaction about your new practice is a great way to keep you on your path!

Good to know

Dependencies, like alcohol or TV, may have been numbing you out and helping your avoid something you haven't wanted to look at, or filling a void in your life, so it may be hard to be with this 'empty' or different feeling. And that's OK. Giving your Self more time to be with YOU is one of the biggest gifts you can give your Self, and sometimes one of the scariest! When you know you Self better and connect with your Self, you start to look less and less for something external to make you happy, knowing that everything you need is within you!


You may need to take baby steps with this practice of adding and removing things from your daily routine. Do what feels right for you. Be gentle, yet firm with yourself. You need discipline, but you don't have to get angry with yourself if you 'slip up.' Everyday is a new day!

Inspired by the 40 Day Challenge with Hareesh Wallis.

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