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Tip of the Month: Breath Practice to Calm Stress

Hand Mudra

Nadi Shodhana/ Alternate Nostril Breath helps refresh and calm you. Practice using Vishnu Mudra (pictured).

Nadi Shodhana before bed will calm you and help you fall asleep quicker. Practice it in the morning to refresh you. Do it anytime during the day to combat stress.

Nadi Shodhana Instructions:

1. Use Vishnu Mudra to alternately open and close the right and left nostrils.

2. Complete exhale through both nostrils

3. Block the left and inhale right

4. Block the right and exhale left.

5. Inhale left

6. Block the left, exhale right

7. Inhale right

8. Block the right, exhale left

9. Inhale left

10. Keep repeating the cycle 8-10 times with the final exhale through the right nostril

11. Ujjayi breath through both sides for several breaths and observe the balance you feel inside.

The side you start inhaling with is the more exhilarating side, so if practicing this in the day start with blocking the left nostril and inhaling through the right (as described above). The right side is the sun channel and when the sun energy is more dominant we tend to be more active, outgoing and physical.

If practicing this at night start with blocking your right nostril and inhaling through the left. The left side is the moon channel and when the moon energy is more dominant we are more receptive, introverted and cerebral.