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Tip of the Month: Cleaning Up Your Messes

Pen and paper

Each one of us has a mess to clean up with someone. It may be something from a long time ago or maybe it just happened yesterday. Either way, unfinished business blocks the 5th Chakra. It's taking up space inside your system and needs to be set free.

1. Write  a letter to the person you have unfinished business with. Begin the letter by stating "I made a mess of _________." Elaborate on how big the mess is and how awful it feels knowing that you have let them down (and essentially let your Self down). It is important to not hold back on how badly you feel about this.

2. Tell them what lessons you have learned from making the mess.

3. Tell them what you commit do doing in the future. Mail the letter or email it with NO ATTACHMENT to getting a reply. They may never read it or they may never know how to reply due to their own blocks. The important thing is that you clear yourself and that you know you communicated ALL of what you needed to!

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