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Tip of the Month - A Moment of Gratitude

Sharing your Gratitude can go a long way... 

Take a moment to find a comfortable seat. Close your eyes. Find your breath. Sit with yourself for a few moments. Maybe light a candle or some incense before getting started. Once you're comfortable, ask yourself, "Who has inspired me?" "Who has helped me to see the parts of myself that weren't always loved?" See what comes up for you. The answer to this question might come quickly, or you may need more time to discover the answer.

Perhaps someone taught you something that opened your eyes and your heart to a new possibility. Maybe someone shifted your perspective. Was someone there for you during a time of need? Whatever arises, take a moment to sit with it, reflect upon it, and allow gratitude to pour from your heart space. When we tune into the heart and allow gratitude to fill its space, you may find that your heart lifts, that your ability to tune into the present moment becomes a little easier, or that a task that seemed daunting is no longer as difficult as you previously thought. 

Whoever came to mind, whether it's a parent, yoga teacher, partner, friend, sibling or a colleague, take a moment to reflect on what that teacher offered. How has his/her offering helped you? What has changed or shifted? 

Once you finished reflecting on your person and the lesson(s) learned, decide how you want to reach out to your teacher to thank them. Write in detail the things that came up during your meditation. Tell them how the gift they gave you has helped you in a specific way. Once you have finished writing your thoughts, decide how you want to share your gratitude with your person. You can call them or write a letter or email, or perhaps setup a meeting. Whatever you decide, be sure to share your gratitude with your teacher.  

When we take the time to personally thank our teacher by describing how his/her teaching has helped us in a specific way, we are honoring our teacher(s) and we are sharing our experience and gift with others. 

You might discover that you have more than one teacher to thank and the gratitude you experience creates a rippling effect of love, abundance and joy in your life and the lives around you.

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