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The Anusara Teacher Training Process

Many of my students have been asking lately about further training opportunities with the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY) beyond the Anusara Inspired Teacher level. They wonder what is involved in the next step and what the outline of the Anusara School teacher training looks like. I am glad to share that with you now. Let us start at the beginning of the journey and take you all the way to the end, let this serve as a roadmap for what your own journey with teaching Anusara Yoga could look like.


Let’s start at the beginning. Originally ASHY imagined that yogis interested in deepening their practice and contemplating adding teaching yoga to their practice would be interested in learning more about the philosophy and history of yoga first and foremost. Therefore, ASHY designed the 100-Hour Immersion to be just that- an introduction to Anusara Yoga with the Universal Principles of Alignment, introduction to non-dual Tantric philosophy and information about the history Yoga and how the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga came to be.


As originally imagined by ASHY, after completing the 100-Hour Immersion, participants are invited to attend the 100-Hour Teacher Training to learn the specifics about the Anusara method of teaching alignment-based yoga with focus on anatomy, Universal Principles of Alignment and detailed techniques of teaching asanas. Over the last 2 years, I have had more and more students participate in the 100-Hour Immersion and 100-Hour Teacher Training in the opposite order from what was originally planned by ASHY with beautiful results of enhanced learning opportunities, increased diverse perspectives and a growing community of overlapping Kulas with each new course. Students who complete both 100-Hour trainings earn their “Anusara Elements” Teacher status and certification. This level of teacher is equivalent to the recognized 200-Hour Teacher Training level of Yoga Alliance (YA-200), and I provide the initial Yoga Alliance certification fee and membership dues for my students who choose to complete both of these courses with me.


After attaining the Anusara Elements Teacher status, new teachers may embark on their journey of teaching heart-themed Anusara classes to students in their communities. After two years of teaching at such a level, these Anusara Elements Teachers may become “Anusara-Inspired” Teachers. To become an Anusara-Inspired Teacher, you must register with ASHY and confirm that you have completed the 100-Hour Immersion, the 100-Hour Teacher Training and two years of teaching regularly recurring Anusara classes. By seeking this license level, you are commiting to keeping the Anusara Yoga lineage undiluted and passing along the alignment-based methodology, non-dual Tantric philosophy and Universal Principals of Alignment in your teaching practice.


After becoming an Anusara Elements or Anusara Inspired teacher, you may begin taking modules of the 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training (ATT) curriculum to work toward your next 300 hours of Anusara Yoga studies. During your journey through the 300-Hour Teacher Training, you will earn credits in a module-based curriculum with 11 Required Modules, just like a core curriculum of classes in college, which equals 168 hours and the remainder of the 132 hours will be earned in Elective Modules. The greatest thing about the Anusara 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training is that you can take classes all over the world from Anusara Certified Advanced Teacher Trainers, of which there are only 12 right now on the planet.  I have the great privilege to be one of the these highly educated Teacher Trainers. No matter who you take your 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Modules with across the global ASHY community, your credits will count toward your overall 300 hour goal. This means, you can take one module with me in Park City, another with Adam Ballanger in Salt Lake City, then travel to Chicago for a Module with Kathy Simonek or Madrid for a Module with Susana Garcia Blanco and they will all count. I think this is an incredibly powerful aspect of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, and a beneficial reason to seek alignment with this global organization.

Finally, for the details on certifications: after completing the 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training curriculum, and teaching for a minimum of four years after completing both the 100-Hour Immersion and 100-Hour Teacher Training (and earning your Anusara Elements Teacher status) you may seek to become an Anusara Certified Teacher. This level of teacher is above and beyond the 500-Hour Yoga Alliance equivalent. For the certification, eligible candidates must send in a video submission of themselves teaching an Ansuara yoga class to ASHY for review and pay the corresponding fee. Candidates have 3 attempts at the video submission to earn their certification. Once the video submission has been approved to meet the standards of a Certified Teacher level, the candidate will earn their Anusara Certified Teacher certification. When preparing for the video submission, the candidate will work with their Anusara Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer (like me, or Adam Ballanger) and will receive Co-mentoring with regard to the video submission in order to prepare the candidate for success. This Co-mentoring process is the last of the components of the full 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training program and can be thought of as preparation for the final test of the video submission. 


I hope this explanation of the Anusara Teacher Training and certification process can serve as a roadmap on your journey. This process has been a beautiful and enlightening journey for me and I am confident it will be a powerful experience for you too. I look forward to seeing you in upcoming trainings!


The light in me bows to the light in you,


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