Tiffany Wood Yoga

Tantra Yoga Can Answer the Age Old Questions of Humanity

Tiffany Wood practices side angle pose in a field of flowers

Did you know that Tantra Yoga can answer the age old questions of humanity? I didn't either until took my first 100 hour Immersion of the yoga tradition. I thought it was just a physical practice that made me feel better. I never imagined yoga would help me to find a deeper peace by helping me to understand: 

What is the Universe?
The Universe is purely Consciousness; unbounded & unlimited Self Aware Consciousness.

Who am I?  
You are a Being of Pure Consciousness and your essential nature is blissful and totally free.

Why am I here?
Like art, you are here as a creative expression of life. Hatha Yoga, the physical practice of yoga, helps us remember that we are Divinity having a human experience by lifting the veil of forgetfulness. This is why you feel so good after practice!

How was the Universe created & how did I get here?
There are 36 principles of existence, called Tattvas, that explain how the One becomes the many. This is one of my favorite reasons why you would love delving more deeply into the conversation of yoga by taking the 100-hour course, The Yoga Tradition and Practice. 

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