Tantra - A Tool For Expansion

Non-dual Tantra is a philosophical view that dates back to the 11th century. Yet, its still fairly obscure and misconstrued by many who think its only about heightened states of sexual ecstasy.

Tantra is a tool for expansion that is the balance of masculine and feminine. Beyond this, its about the connection of the mind and body to YOUR True Nature.

Tantra gives the power of life to each individual

It addresses the fear of being unworthy or isolated that manifests in the push-pull imbalance in relationships. It brings us into the remembrance that we are whole & complete even in the recursive dance of self exploration. Ultimately its about balancing our material and spiritual lives in ways that heal the perception of separation.

This is why I'm offering the teachings of one of the most profound Tantric texts as the container for the April Yoga Retreat in Mexico! I want to guide myself and our Kula (the community) into the Ecstasy of Knowing Our Own Gifts! Heightened states of BE-ing are truly what turns my Heart ON.

The Pratyabhijna Hrdayam is an 11th century text

Kshemaraja, the author, sought to elucidate the key concepts of non-dual Tantra with 20 short aphorisms. The title means the Heart of the Teachings on Recognition - Recognition of One's Self and all Beings as the expression of One Conscious Source (Christopher Wallis, The Recognition Sutras.) The Pratyabhijna Hrdayam stands out as a profoundly essential- resource for more deeply understanding how non-dual Tantra is a tool in the modern day yogi's search for expansion.

Unpack these teachings with a qualified teacher

Tantric study and practices can be seen as a sacred jewel that sparkles in the deeper understanding ourselves. I have found this explorative study brings peace to how I relate to that which I call The Divine, Goddess, God, or Source Energy.

Join me for a bliss-filled retreat offering a deep dive into the life-affirming philosophy of non-dual Tantra as it relates to our Svadharma - individual life purpose. Our playground will be the application of Tantric practices and discussions on the wisdom of the Recognition Sutras - The Pratyabhijna Hrdayam.

Study, Practice, Play, Meditate, Self-inquiry ,Community Insight & Connection, Align with the Divine = Recognition of Our Own Heart ~ This is Tantra!