Self-Esteem & Personal Satisfaction

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Mexico Retreat 2019

This Yoga Retreat is designed to unite community through daily meditation, asana practices, sound healing, artistic expression, fun, food and frolicking!

When you see your children, friends, co-workers or partners meeting their needs:

Ask them how they feel in that moment

  • How do you know when you are “happy”, “peaceful”, “confident” etc?
  • What are you doing to make you feel that way?

Take a few minutes to:

  • Be their mirror and listen.
  • Acknowledge them for owning their power.
  • Celebrate how when their needs are met, you receive enormous benefits as well!

Offer yourself this same gift ~ 

  • Look for when you show up for yourself and identify how it feels. 
  • Use the high vibration of meeting your own needs in one moment to inspire REPEAT occurrences!
  • Stand strong in the personal satisfaction of meeting your own needs as a skillful life practice that inspires others to do the same.