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Spring Clean Your Home, Spring Clean Your Mind!

A room filled with stuff and clutter free room

The flow of energy is defined by the placement of objects. Think of flowing water: if a dam is built the water stops flowing. It is unmoving, stagnant. The same thing happens with energy; the more objects blocking its path, the less energy can move and flow freely. Now think about your home; is it jam-packed with stuff or is it spacious and full of flowing energy? How does this affect you? Try these practices to spring clean your home and your mind!

Awareness Practice

1. Take 5-10 minutes and walk through your home. Is it filled with tons of stuff or plenty of space?

2. As you move around be aware of the following and just notice how it affects you without self-judgement:

a) Is it clear and spacious or is it full of stuff?

b) How are your belongings placed? Are they randomly scattered everywhere or are they organized?

c) What kind of things do you have? Do you find them useful or beautiful, or are you just hanging on to them because you think you may need them?

d) Is it absolutely spotless and so crazy-tidy that no-one wants to touch anything for fear of upsetting you? Is it sparkling clean and neat, relatively clean, or filthy? Are there tons of unwashed dishes? Unswept floors? Do you need a gas mask because it smells so bad?!?

3. When you're done find a quiet spot and connect with yourself and notice how you feel. Do you feel anxious? Overwhelmed? Irritated? Embarrassed? Calm? Blissful?

4. If there were certain rooms where you noticed tons of clutter, or were dirty, disorganized etc. make note of these or if you felt a sense of overwhelm or claustrophobia etc. These are the rooms you want to revisit and give more of you attention to.

Sauca - Cleanliness

In the Yoga Sutras sauca is one of the Niyamas (observances). In the Sarada-Tilaka (The Sign of the Autumnal Goddess by Sri Laksmana Desika), sauca is one of the Yamas (restraints). Yamas and Niyamas are essentially disciplines or guidelines for how to live your life. So if you want to live a more rich, alive and flourishing life then these are great practices to start implementing. So let's start with sauca.

Sauca Contemplation & Practice*

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." – William Morris

1. "How you keep your space is how you keep your mind." We are a mirror and the surroundings we move through are mirrored outside of ourselves.

2. Don't have more belongings than you can tend to. And tend to your belongings out of respect for them as resources and recognition that this is energy you are stewarding; you are choosing how it exists in the world and how they are affecting the flow of energy.

3. Be honest with yourself. Allow things to move on if you cannot tend to them. e.g. If you have boxes of stuff that you haven't touched for over a year then you probably don't need what's in it and there's probably someone else that does!

4. Cultivate discipline. If you are disorganized then start implementing some guidelines for yourself. e.g. Put your dirty clothes in the hamper, not on floor; put things away you're not using.

5. Learn to relax a little if you are an extreme neat freak then maybe you could leave the dishes in the sink for a few hours!

EXPLORE your space with these practice aand see how it feels!

*Source: Hareesh Wallis 40 Day Awareness Challenge - Christina Starr

Your Asana Class/Home Practice

Yoga Teachers: Take the time to set up your mat/space before your students arrive, and while they are arriving organize the room: align mats, place props at the back of mats etc. If you don't normally do this notice how it feels when you do!

Yoga Students: Keep your mat clean and keep your practice area clutter-free to allow energy to flow freely.

Practice sauca and notice how different you feel!