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Clear the Pathway to More Energy!

Clear The Pathway to More Energy!

If you're a practicing yogi, you've likely experienced how the postures, breathwork, and meditation all help to increase how energy flows through your body and clear your mind. You can expand yoga off the mat by clearing out the clutter in your home to increase how energy flows in your body and life! 

I had my first awakening to the flow of energy as a small girl after I cleaned my room one day. I remember noticing how the energy in my room felt lighter and how I felt better just being in it without all the clutter. I've been fascinated ever since by how the flow of energy is affected by the placement of objects within the space. Think of flowing water: if a dam is built, the water stops flowing. It is unmoving, stagnant. The same is true with energy. The more objects blocking its path, the less energy can move and flow freely. 

How might the energy flowing through your home affect your physical energy? 

Saucha - Clear & Clean Energy

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 2.40 is about saucha, one of the Niyamas (observances) that clears the pathway to energy flowing freely. To live a more rich, alive and flourishing life, saucha practices apply to our home space as well as our physical body, our mental and energy body. When the energy of the space outside of us (our living space in this case) is tranquil, balanced and illuminating the mind can settle and regain its natural ability to make discerning choices. 

Purity of mind leads the way to cheerfulness. A cheerful mind has the energy and perseverance necessary to pave the way to flourishing in fitness, joy and abundance!

Try these practices on clearing the space in your home and see how your mind space will soften. Unblock stagnant energy so that it flows freely!

Home Awareness Practice

1. Take 5 minutes and walk through your home. Answer the follow questions. Try to notice how you feel when you observe your space. 

a) Notice if there are any empty spaces. Notice if there are piles of clutter.

b) How are your belongings placed? Are they randomly scattered or are they organized?

c) Do you find the things you have to be useful or beautiful? 

d) What items are you hanging on to but they're not useful or don't bring you joy?

2. When you're done find a quiet spot and connect with your body. Notice how you feel. Do you feel Calm? Blissful? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Irritated? Embarrassed? 

3. If there were rooms where you noticed Calm and Blissful, these are the rooms you want to revisit and take guidance from. Notice WHY you feel calm in this space.

4. Pick ONE room that may have brought up Anxiousness, Overwhelm, Irritation etc. and claim the flow of energy in your life in step two below. 

Claim the Flow of Energy ~Your living space is a reflection of your mind space. 

1. Keep only what you can attend to. Be the steward to your belongings out of recognition that you are choosing how they affect the flow of energy in your life.

2. Be honestly ruthless with yourself. Allow things to move on if they do not elicit feelings of joy or they are taking up space not being utilized. If you have boxes of stuff that you haven't touched for over a year, move on them to higher value so someone can enjoy them. 

4. Cultivate discipline. Spend 15 minutes a day until you've cleared the space enough to notice that you feel settled, calm, spacious when you enter the room.  

5. Learn to relax a little You don't have to throw the baby out with the bath water or eat an elephant in one seating! Start with a shelf, a drawer, a corner a room at a time and allow yourself to enjoy the process of clearing your mind as you clear your space. 

EXPLORE your ENERGY with these practice and see how it flows! 

If you notice you feel more clear and motivated, perhaps you'll expand the Saucha practice to other spaces in your home and life!

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