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Settle into the Mud

A pink lotus on a pond

One of the greatest teachings of the yogic path is continuously offering itself as a true test inviting the yogi to walk their talk. The symbolism of the lotus flower is about realizing the beauty of life can only unfold when we no longer tip toe around that which binds us.

This path of spiritual unfolding is a tall order asking that we root down into the dark muck we would rather ignore. Otherwise, we tend to thrash around and not only muddy our own pond, but also begin pointing our fingers at everything else as the cause of the disturbance. Why is it human nature to sling mud rather than settle in and see how the gushy uncomfortable sediment deep within the belly of our own pond is the greatest source of strength we could ever tap into?

Exactly that, it's uncomfortable to feel the muck between our toes because then we would have to admit that we aren't as polished as we present to the world. More deeply, it requires a willingness to commit to the long term project of blossoming more slowly than we would like within the quick fix culture of taking pills, divorce, and how brushing conflicts under the rug is faster than taking time to have conversations that heal. We've been trained to only look at the surface of the pond where the lotus flower blossoms to the sun glorifying the result and scorning the muck and darkness below. It's just simply easier to point fingers and drop into how others have let us down than it is to admit that we have something to own in the equation.

Living in a world where all perception is projection, it's not always clear what piece is ours and what belongs to others. Herein lays the practice for those with the desire to know themselves so deeply that they will intermittently remember the truth about themselves; that they are the beauty of all that is. With that knowing comes an acceptance of the darkness with which we are rooted. It's from that place of honoring the divinity of having a human experience that we can allow others to unfold in their own way and without casting judgment and pointing fingers. This is the root of unconditional love.

The path to enlightenment will not play small. The muck of life will always be asking for recognition. If we only look at the surface of the pond and never root down to receive nourishment from the darkness below, we cannot grow to the light. Taking responsibility in this way is the highest road to success in living a life filled with beauty, joy, and rich connections to those who share our ponds. May we all root into our muck, accept that we have work to do, let go of the need to be right and open to the beauty that comes from steeping in the uncomfortable in such a way that affords greater ease in the long run.

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