Recipe of the Month -Grounding Apple & Nut Breakfast

Grounding Warm Apple & Nut Breakfast

The winter months can be difficult for those who find themselves easily uprooted by the cold weather. This is one of my favorite quick, nutritious, and grounding breakfasts. Enjoy!


1 Tbs. Ghee or butter

1 Handful of your favorite nuts

1 Small apple diced

½ tsp. Cinnamon

1/8 tsp.Salt

Heat the ghee on medium/low until melted. Add in the cinnamon and heat for 30 seconds. Add in the nuts/salt and heat for 2 minutes. Add in the apple and mix with the other ingredients. Cook until the apples are soft.

Top with your favorite goat yogurt. Place cooked ingredients in a beautiful bowl. Take a moment before eating to honor the source of the food and feel your gratitude for the day.