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Put Your Child In The Driver's Seat?

Would you put a five year old child behind the wheel of your car?

The logical answer is a big fat NO. What if the question was a metaphor? The five year old is your “inner child” driving the car that is your health, happiness, and abundance.  Would it help if I told you your inner child is in charge of the forward progression in your life?  When that sweet little one doesn’t feel heard or invited to the decision making processes (driving the car) of your life, they dig their heels in and act out in various ways like throwing a tantrum, getting sick, avoiding responsibility, or generally making life difficult through resentment.

Somewhere along the journey to becoming an adult, most of us stopped checking in with our inner child and started being responsible by taking on the jobs, tasks, and responsibilities of achieving our dreams. This is good until we forget to play along the way and only attend to responsibility. When we look beneath the surface of most of our upsets, traumas and dramas of daily living we often find that the inner child isn’t even in the passenger seat, let alone driving. They have often been locked in the trunk and we can’t figure out what all the commotion is about that keeps us awake in the middle of the night!

It was a HUGE leap toward creating a life of joy and abundance when I learned that my inner child is the best driver I could possibly have!

It wasn’t an easy leap by any stretch of the imagination. But, learning to make some small shifts made it possible to see that I can trust my inner child to run the show. They are masters at creating joy and they have the best ideas on what it means to never “work” a day in your life.

Here are some ideas to begin creating a life of greater joy, better health, and increased abundance on all levels of Being You.

·        Fill in your play dates before you fill in your weekly agreements: The child within will agree to almost all of your To Do’s as long as they know they have fun time included in the schedule. The major caveat here is that you CAN NOT back out on the play time because you’re “too busy.” This sell out is usually where your inner child starts acting out!

·         Learn to “check in” with your inner child and ask them what they want to do: When you are in choice about anything, you will always be in play. Doing the dishes from the place of “want” is a very different experience than doing them from “shoulding on yourself.” Start small here, hence the dish example. Once you learn that your inner child will sing and play while elbow deep in dishes because it was their idea, you will begin to trust them to make your business decisions as well!

·         Establish a REWARD for completing major projects, sticking with lifestyle shifts, or making it to the end of a long and busy season: The reward must be decided upon by your inner child and in alignment with the inner parent’s idea of budget, safety, and supported by the necessary boundaries for success.

Here are 2 examples: Rewards set up a win/win lifestyle!

1.       A lifestyle shift like getting up an hour earlier to make it to the 8 a.m. yoga class before work 2 days a week could have the reward of a nice dinner out with your honey or friend.

2.       A major push like working hard for 6 months could have the reward of booking a vacation or yoga retreat in advance so the inner child knows there is an end point when it gets to rest, play, and rejuvenate.  Click here to check out an amazing yoga retreat!

·        Use the “chair method” to give your inner child a voice: Set out 2 chairs facing each other; one chair is the seat of the child and the other is the seat of the parent. Let the parent ask the child what they think about making life more productive and fun. Listen to the child within and do your best to incorporate their wisdom.

Listen to your inner child and do your best to incorporate their wisdom! They truly hold the key to achieving your dreams while having the time of your life

Email Tiffany  if you want guidance or a referral to people experienced in letting the child drive the car and consistently arriving at amazing destinations like Happiness, Success, Financial Security and Vibrant Health!

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