Park City's Best Yoga Teacher - Thank you for voting for me!

Tiffany Wood Park City's Best Yoga Teacher Award

I am so honored to be Park City's Best Yoga Teacher! Thanks to each of you who voted in The Park Record's Best of Park City survey.

"Teachers open the door; but you must enter by yourself." ~Chinese Proverb

Students tell me how I have changed their lives. But I have only opened the door and had the pleasure of witnessing them step into the knowing of their own Awareness. Every time I teach, I ask that I may be a clear and concise channel in the highest service of my students. I witness amazing shifts and growth in their lives, and I know that the miracles that happen are theirs to claim.

I will openly admit that I learn far more from my students than they learn from me! I have such immense respect for the journey we take together and it gives me great peace knowing that families and communities are better off because we all dare to step through the door together.

Let me know how I can be of better service for, and with you! Email me, write me a note using the 'Connect with me' form at the bottom of the page, or speak with me after class!