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Tip of the Month: Cleaning Up Your Messes

Pen and paper

Each one of us has a mess to clean up with someone. It may be something from a long time ago or maybe it just happened yesterday. Either way, unfinished business blocks the 5th Chakra. It's taking up space inside your system and needs to be set free.

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How is Savasana changing the world?

Tiffany Wood's Yoga student in Savasana Yoga Pose

When you harmonize the vibrations of life that stream through you, you feel a deeper sense of connectedness and peace. The power of your harmonic vibration is then amplified by coming into phase with all the others present in the class. The intensity of your expansion is increased as your begin to resonate with those around you and the community of like minds and hearts is more deeply knit.

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Tip of the Month: Remember to Breathe!

Hands on stomach

Feeling stressed, panicked, anxious, annoyed, stuck in your head--out of balance?? Have you been sitting at your desk so long time that your shoulders are up around your ears?? Bring your breath to the rescue!

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When Was Your First Time?

Silhouette of Tiffany Wood in a lotus flower

When was the first time a yoga practice really shifted you? Can you remember back to that fateful day when you fell in love and you began to believe in the power of Shakti (energy of life) pulsing in you and as everything?

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Turn Your World Upside Down... And Create Your Ideal Life!

Tiffany Wood demonstrates headstand yoga pose in her Anusara Teacher Training

Creating your Ideal Life is your birth right. Finding a new perspective, with fresh eyes and an open heart isn't nearly as scary as getting a root canal. It will only require you to look inside in ways you may not have until this point. Are you willing?

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Tantra Yoga Can Answer the Age Old Questions of Humanity

Tiffany Wood practices side angle pose in a field of flowers

Did you know that Tantra Yoga can answer the age old questions of humanity? I didn't either until took my first 100 hour Immersion of the yoga tradition. I thought it was just a physical practice that made me feel better. I never imagined yoga would help me to find a deeper peace by helping me to understand...

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Awaken The Healer Within... A Summary of The Chakras

The first chakra

Blockages in our energetic fields have long been understood by ancient yogis to create stress and dis-ease in the human physical, mental and emotional experience. Learning how to open and purify these channels is the gift of engaging what is known as the Chakra System.

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Sharing Your Yoga Practice

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. This wise old adage is as applicable to the practice of yoga as any other endeavor. All of us Yoga Junkies want to see those that we love enjoy the benefits of yoga.

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Pain is a Powerful Messenger

Tiffany Wood in Uttanasana Yoga Pose

When you look at your pain as a powerful teacher, it can inspire the introspection necessary to uncover the hidden lesson that will lead you back to the path of peace and harmony. The ancient Sage Patanjali called this Tapas.

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Mula Bandha (Root Lock)

This “root lock” is to support and direct the energy of the upward flowing energy called Prana so that it does not collapse into the downward flow of energy called Apana.

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Jalandhara Bandha

This “throat lock” creates an expansion of the chest, a softening, and an opening of the throat along with an upward release and slight extension at the back of the neck. In Anusara® terms, it is the balance between shoulder and skull loop.

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