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Pain is a Powerful Messenger

Tiffany Wood in Uttanasana Yoga Pose

When you look at your pain as a powerful teacher, it can inspire the introspection necessary to uncover the hidden lesson that will lead you back to the path of peace and harmony. The ancient Sage Patanjali called this Tapas.

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Mula Bandha (Root Lock)

This “root lock” is to support and direct the energy of the upward flowing energy called Prana so that it does not collapse into the downward flow of energy called Apana.

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Jalandhara Bandha

This “throat lock” creates an expansion of the chest, a softening, and an opening of the throat along with an upward release and slight extension at the back of the neck. In Anusara® terms, it is the balance between shoulder and skull loop.

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Jnana Mudra

A hand showing Jnana Mudra

This mudra gives a feeling of spaciousness and has a subtle uplifting effect on the body and mind.

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Finding Balance In Our Busy Lives

Tiffany Wood in a hand balance yoga pose

How do we know we are out of balance? When we are in pain, stressed out, irritable, sad, become short or angry more easily, or when we just don't feel like ourselves. So how do we find balance in our busy lives? How do we balance work, play and ME-time?

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The Yoga Confessional!

Tiffany Wood practices Cobra Yoga pose

"Bless you my child, that will be 10 Sun Salutations."  This is my light-hearted reply to the dozens of 'yoga confessionals' I hear every week. You know what I'm talking about... that moment when you see your yoga teacher at the grocery store and you find yourself spontaneously fessing up to why you haven't been able to make it to your mat.

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Is 60 Really the New 40; Yoga Tells the Truth

Yoga students in Tiffany Wood's class

Is 60 really the new 40? I can’t answer this question from Cosmopolitan’s view, but when I take a look around all of my yoga classes, I can definitely say, Yes! 60 is the new 40! When you glance any yoga hottie from behind, you often have no idea if you’re looking at a 20 year old bootie or a 60 year old physique!

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The Beauty of Yoga and The Yoga Butt

Tiffany Wood in a seated cross legged yoga pose

In 16 years of teaching yoga I have seen pretty much all the initial reasons people decide to try a yoga class. Everything from reducing pain and healing injury, soothing the soul going through a divorce, calming work related stress, creating flexibility or obtaining “the yoga butt."

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The Power of OM! Mexico Retreat 2013

Tiffany Wood in Bakasana, Crow Yoga Pose at her Mexico Retreat

A week living in this amazing village with no cars and only the sounds of the jungle, the ocean, Leraine’s Dijerido, and our own beautiful OM’s truly reset the awareness of my own pulsation.  

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Holy Days or Holidaze?

Tiffany Wood with hands at heart center

Holy Days or Holidaze? This is the opportune question for all of us this time of year.  It seems that we all intend in our own unique way to connect with what the Holidays mean for us as individuals, families, and culturally.  And then... we seem to get pulled into the fray and our already busy lives become an even greater whirlwind of have to's, overwhelm, over spending and overeating that all leads to just hoping to make it to the finish line intact.

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