Organize a Block Party!

Tiffany Wood's outdoor party

The smell of Bar-B-Q is wafting in through my open doors. Sounds of laughter, live music and chatter fill the air. My street has been a virtual fun house for three days now as the Park City community celebrates the freedom of being alive. Community is the most precious resource we have collectively. Knowing that your community has your back is the most precious resource we have as individuals.

I've lived in this house for 10 years now and we just now organized a block party! I'm thrilled that I can hear my neighbors playing together as I reach out to you, my extended community. Here is my wish and my challenge to each of you.

Organize a block party this month! Get out and meet ALL your neighbors and invite them to bring their friends. Wear name tags and commune with those that you barely know and yet live so close together. Hire the kids that play in the garage band down the street to play music. Set up a play station for the kids. Get out and play! I do believe you will feel so much better every time you walk out of your house now that you have shared with those that live around you. Open your hearts and your ears so you can listen to them and give them permission to be held in their community.

The world will know peace one neighborhood at a time! Be the change you wish to see!

Thanks for being my community and for always having my back. I'm right here for you as well. Let’s play together soon because you mean the world to me and I love you.