Open to Grace

Life will test you in ways you can't even begin to imagine...

You will lose the people most dear to you. You will have to leave the home you love at some point. Your cat will vomit on the sheets you just changed for your husband who has been bedridden for days. You will be asked to slay a dragon almost every day of your life. You will jump off the cliff to avoid the tiger only to find that there are mice chewing on the vine that you thought was your life-line. Amidst all of this, there will be a moment when you look out from the window of your heart and see a sweet berry on the vine. At that moment, you have a choice. You can Open to the Grace that surrounds the chaos of your life and imbibe it, or not.

Open to Grace. This action, this offering, this moment of remembering that you are supported by a love bigger than your fear and limited definition can very simply answer the question, ‘What is Yoga?’ My teacher Jamie Allison said, "The question is not are you doing yoga. Because you are embodied, you are doing yoga. The question is, ‘Are you doing yoga well?’”

Try it right now. Ground through your feet, take a sweet and deep breath in and open to that part of you that knows beyond a shadow of doubt that you are held in the benevolent arms of the universe. Allow your breath to expand your inner body like a soft and radiant light fills the lamp shade. Within this one moment in time, find peace in the knowing that right now, you are just fine. Repeat for 5 breaths. As you open your eyes, observe the world around you from this place of remembrance and fullness. Allow that awareness to chart your next step.

This simple practice encompasses Opening to Grace. Breathe. Remember you are connected to a source of love, strength, compassion, and wisdom that will get you through anything. Allow the light of all that is to be the guiding light of your heart from moment to moment, place to place, offering to offering. Open to the moment in all its glory and all its chaos and take the sweet bite!