Tiffany Wood Yoga

Mula Bandha (Root Lock)

(moo-lah bahn-dah) 

mula = root (of any tree, but also figuratively the lowest part of anything) 
bandha = bond

This “root lock” is to support and direct the energy of the upward flowing energy called Prana so that it does not collapse into the downward flow of energy called Apana. It has less to do with the contraction of the pelvic floor than with the energy of the breath. In Anusara® terms, it is the balance of Inner Spiral and Outer Spiral which is the pelvic floor widening and then the tailbone contracting toward the pubic bone.


1. Inner Spiral: Broaden the pelvis from front to back by broadening your inner thighs and sits bones, move your pubic bone toward your tailbone as your hip bones wrap forward so the top of your sacrum tips forward.

2. Outer Spiral: Keep your thighs and pelvis broad as you engage you tailbone toward your pubic bone by contracting the muscles in your pelvic floor. You should feel a lift of your hips bones and at your sacrum. 

3. The combined actions of inner and outer spiral will firm without hardening your lower belly, and spontaneously dome your perineum up into your torso. This latter action will in turn charge your spine, which will lift and lengthen your entire torso up through your crown.

4. Apply Mula Bandha as you end your inhale, then hold it during Kumbhaka (breath retention). Slowly release it as you exhale, and soften it during the pause following the exhale.

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