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Mudra Meditation

Ujjayi Pranayama & Mudras

Leading to Meditation

I LOVE the practice of meditation with mudras! The mudras can open profound awareness to the magic of the Subtle Body. The key is to allow the mudra and your breath to synch up without trying too hard to make anything happen. You must soften and become the observer. 

There are three parts to this practice. 

1. Ujjayi Pranayama - There are 10 mudras for this part of the practice. 

2. Nadi Shodna Pranayama - The alternate nostril breath. Vishnu mudra is used here. 

3. Meditation - There are three mudras to enter a deep meditation. Allow the mudras to tell you when its time to shift them. 


Ujjayi Pranayama

Sit with each mudra for at least 2-3 minutes as you engage a soft Ujjayi breath practice. Allow your hands to take the shape of the mudras without over pressuring the connection points. Its about creating and dancing in the sensitivity of how life flows through you and with you. 

Mudras for the Physical Body

Chin Mudra – 

activates the lower abdomen and back along with the lower lobes of the lunges


Chinmaya Mudra – 

Activates the middle chest and back along with the middle lobes of the lungs


Adi Mudra – 

Actives the upper chest and back along with the upper lobes of the lungs


Brahma Mudra – 

Activates the entire torso, front and back including all three lobes of the lungs


Mudras for the Energy Body

Adho Merudanda Mudra – 

Energy comes into the base of the lower third of the spine and Muladhara -root chakra


Merudanda Mudra – 

Energy comes into the middle third of the spine and  Anahata - heart chakra


Urdhva Merudanda Mudra – 

Activates the upper third of the spinal column and Sahasrara - crown chakra



Mudras to Enhance Awareness

Shraddha Prana Kriya Mudra –

 Slows respiration and bring attention into the front brain center


Medha Prana Kriya – 

Slows respiration, activates the discriminative centers of wisdom


 Prajna Prana Kriya Mudra – 

Slows respiration; witness consciousness unfolds as the entire brain relaxes


Nadi Sodhana - Alternate Nostril Breathing

Vishnu Mudra – 

Relaxes the respiratory center, calms the mind, meditation begins to unfold.  

Mudras for Meditation

Dhyana Mudra 1 

Gesture of Meditation – Brings breath and prana into the heart chakra while deepening meditative insight


Dhyana Mudra 2 – 

Brings breath and prana into the lower breathing space; grounds the body for meditation.


Dhyana Mudra 3 – 

Brings breath and prana into the whole body.  Opens the awareness into akasa - space.  Brings multi-dimensional awareness into the foreground.


A special thanks to Doc Savage @Dakotayogi for the practice and photos!

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