March Online Class Descriptions

March 2022 Class Themes

As a yoga therapy practitioner of 25 years, the wisdom of the chakras always play a part of understanding how to help myself and others heal the blockages on the path to high vibe thrive. Bring the Chakra System to life with these 8 practices designed to bring balance to your life as a whole.

March 5 9:00 am MST- The 7 Chakra System: Understanding energy currents, energy blockages and how to approach the following 7 weeks of practices so you address the complexity of this system in a simple and systematic way.

March 7 5:30 pm MST- Earth Rhythm Roots - Muladhara Chakra:
Deep, slow, rhythmic movements to honor your primal needs and your physical existence. Deep quadriceps, hamstrings, and other hip openers to ground and settle into the physical body.

March 12 9:00 am MST- The Waters of Life - Svadhisthana Chakra: Moving our bodies awakens us to better stability and freedom. A vinyasa flow style class to help remain fluid with the tides of change. Moving towards Lotus pose variations.

March 14 5:30 pm MST- The Fire of Desire - Manipura Chakra: True power comes from integrating the polarities of masculine and feminine energy. You will be guided to address this practice in ways that bring balance to your gut, your desires, your worthiness. Core & Restore practices.

March 19 9:00 am MST- The Heart is the Gateway - Anahata Chakra: The ability to love ourselves is vital in finding balance in giving and receiving. Awaken Universal love thru heart-openers, arm balances and back bend variations.

March 21 5:30 pm MST- Refine Your Vibration - Visuddha Chakra: Neck, shoulder, and throat opening practices to release tension and open the channels of vibrational energies so that we may experience better communication, self expression, and harmony.

March 26 9:00 am MST- The Breath Stills the Mind - Ajna Chakra: Create balance between solar and lunar energy emerges within the body. Ida (feminine, lunar) and Pingala (masculine, solar) nerve energies intertwine up through all chakras and meet with the third eye. Asana & pranayama.

March 28 5:30 pm MST- The Knower of the Heart's Creation - Sahasrara chakra: the upper terminal point of Sushumna nadi, the central energy channel. A practice to embody the gift of being grounded in the body so we can branch out from the crown chakra. Deep twists to revolve around the central axis and awaken the Knowing that you KNOW you are a BEING of pure Bliss. Asana and meditation.