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Tip of the Month: Mantra Magic!

Ganesha Murti

Mantras can help reduce anxiety and depression, facilitate a deep sense of peace, boost immunity, and open intuition.

A mantra is a powerful healing sound or vibration for the mind and body. It is a repeated phrase that can assist concentration during meditation.

There are mantras for different things you would like to bring into your life, let go of, or attune to. In the last newsletter we talked about vata and the fall, which can cause anxiety, so the following mantra is to help with that!

Ganesha Mantra for Reducing Anxiety

The elephant God, Ganesha, remover of obstacles, can help relieve anxiety. Here's the Sanskrit mantra for this purpose: 

Om gahta-traah-saaya namaha

This translates to "O Lord, Please remove the anxiety caused to us.” 


Repetition is the key, so the longer you chant the more you will feel the effects of the mantra! If you have never chanted before, start with 11 times, then 54, and work you way to 108, which takes about 5-8 minutes to chant depending on how fast you chant. You will probably find yourself chanting slower at first to get the pronunciation, and then you may feel yourself chanting faster once you get more comfortable with it. 

Once you are at 108, chant the mantra 108 times a day for 40 days. In many spiritual traditions, it takes 40 days to break a pattern and experience a shift. 

Once you have completed this cycle, take a break and see what has shifted for you. Mantras are very powerful, if you have a chance to chant with a group you will feel the vibrations through your body, and for a while after!

Start today and feel the magic of mantras!

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