Let The Wild Child Take Charge!

Young Tiffany Wood in a Russian Outfit

The other day as my eyes were filled with the tears of frustration from trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, I looked over and saw this huge photo of me when I was 12 years old dressed in an elaborate Eastern European dance costume. All of the sudden, I burst into laughter. How could I look so passionate and grounded in my Being while I was dressed up in something that looked like the Grand Czar of Russia's curtains?

It then became ever so clear. I had long ago abandoned this bright eyed, passionate, playfully grounded little dancer. So much so that that this photo sat in the corner on its way to the trash!

That was a pivotal moment because my heart finally felt what my head has known for over a decade. If I want to claim my life's passion and show up in full abundance, it’s best to let the part of me that is the playful, wild child take over as the CEO of my life!

You know who I'm talking about. The part of you that knows how to make life fun by eating dessert first. The part of you that wants to play before you work or play while you work. The part of you that never doubts your offering because you are in the ecstasy of life by doing what you love before all else!

Dig out one of your childhood photos that you would have to be crazy to show off to others. Look into that child's eyes, what do you see? There is a spark there, isn't there? A passion that is roaring like a huge camp fire. Own that flame, it’s yours and it’s always been there.

This passionate child within is the one in charge of your forward progression. This wild child is the one that knows how to live life in delight and wonder while still getting the work done. It’s time to put that wisdom in charge of your show! What this may mean is that you get to let go of certain patterns and programs that have been kicking your butt and making life feel like work.

For me, this means letting go of the ‘Good Girl’ who lives in the illusion that everyone is going to like me if I do ‘it’ the way I'm supposed to according to my parents and the ‘others’ who ‘seemingly’ expect perfection. I now have a new CEO—Creative Exuberance Officer—who is making the final call on all my decisions and projects. Her photo is now hanging in my yoga room where I check in with her first thing every morning to see what we get to do. I love her dance costume and the way she owns her power especially when others might laugh and ask, "What in the heck are you wearing?"

Here are some new skills I have implemented since putting Little Wild Tiff in charge. You may find them helpful in claiming your joy as well:

  1. I  turn off my phone and my computer every night at 8pm. I choose to create space in my life that is unbridled from the devices that continuously remind me of just how much I still have to do.
  2. I check in with my new CEO (Creative Exuberance Officer) inner child and ask her what her heart desires to do in the hour before we turn the phone and computer on for the day.
  3. I listen to her and follow through on her lead rather than telling her we have a million and one things on the to do list and we need to get going.

Try it, just these three things, every day for a week and watch your productivity soar! 

More tips:

  1. Fill in your calendar with all the things that your new CEO wants to do first and then fill in your other obligations. For example, fill in all your play dates like your yoga classes and music concerts before you agree to take on any new meetings or adult like structure. This will send a signal to your wild child that her needs are being heard and she will show up for the work with a good attitude.
  2. Let go of convention, and conduct your meetings and work at your computer in a way that expresses your playful nature. For example, move your meeting to the park or while on a hike. Set up an altar in front of your computer that is comprised of how you connect with and remember the inner child is in charge of the decisions!
  3. Let your inner child tell you just how important the things on the 'to do list' are. She knows which ones will open up the Freedom Door and allow for the energy of life to flow!

All of this may sound sort of silly or like, duh, I already goof off too much and I need to be more disciplined rather than more playful. Well, the truth is that when the inner child is locked away or always put on the back burner, they find ways to sabotage your productivity. You get sick, your computer crashes or you lose your documents, you avoid completion, or you sit your ass in your chair and work with resentment and wonder why Facebook is so intriguing when you have a deadline to meet.

Get up, move away from your computer and do something silly like a handstand, or read the comics, and then ask the Creative Exuberance Officer of your life to make the next call. You might just be surprised at what you will be doing next, how much you accomplish, and how much you like doing it!

You are weird and you know it. Let go of the illusions you hold about how you are ‘supposed' to be and embrace your passionate way with flair. Rewrite your handbook and do it in crayons!