Lessons from Granddaddy

My Granddaddy, Herman Floyd Poer, taught me that the most important part of life is living in the love of our relationships. We are here to connect with and remember the Source of love that lives within all of us. I know my Granddaddy would be so delighted to know that he inspired me to know our relationship inspired me to love so deeply that I was willing to dive into the most important relationship in my life; discovering and loving my Self.  

It has been a life long journey and the relationship continues to deepen every single day! The spiritual practice of yoga and all that it encompasses (yes, I'm talking waaaay beyond down dog here), continuously takes me into a deeper threshold. I can see love in all my relationships, all that exists around me, and I am truly beginning to know the love within me.  How cool is that?!

I know this is why I am here and I am stunned and amazed all the time at how I am now sharing the greatest gift my granddaddy ever gave me with hundreds of beautiful hearts. They call me "teacher" and I humbly bow and honor them back with the very same awareness. Thank you to all who reflect the love of the sacred Supreme to me through your eyes and presence! I honor all my teachers, past and present, for walking the path of Self discovery and love.  May we all know the fullness of our hearts as we continue cultivating our relationship.