Tiffany Wood Yoga

Laughter Yoga to Lighten Your Load

Creating a moment of laughter may sound silly and thankfully so! This simple practice of conjuring up a laugh has helped me over come some of the most tense and difficult times in my life. I’m talking about my favorite kind of cocktail; a LAUGHTER COCKTAIL that can bring on that full-on, uncontrollable, belly laugh. 

Why do I enjoy this kind of yoga so much? Not only does laughter release endorphins, it also fosters brain connectivity, relaxes the body, improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow. Laughter can also lighten anger’s heavy load, and according to some studies, can even help you live longer! I suggest mixing yourself up a laughter cocktail to start the day or to interrupt even the worst of moods!

Join me for a laughter cocktail NOW.

And discover how this simple practice can shift your energy levels, mood and so much more!


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