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Is Anusara Alive?

students in an Anusara Yoga class taught by Tiffany Wood

"Unity in the Heart occurs in a sequential and cumulative practice of trust, committed passion, mindfulness, deep concentration and applied knowledge." This Sutra (1.20) from Patanjali answers the question, Is Anusara® Yoga alive after falling from grace?

On September 18, 2014 tears of joy streamed down many of the faces gathered at Samavesha, the first Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY) Festival. As we united our voices it became clear that never before had the Anusara® invocation sounded so sweet and so poignant. We had come together to officially celebrate the same committed passion, and to share in a new vision of a global, teacher-led organization. We were in surround-sound with others who had never lost the ability to trust in the Anusara® method and it truly was music to our ears.

For the past two years, a group of yogis have proven their ability to deeply concentrate on what mattered most about Anusara®; the method and the community. It would have been easier to walk away like so many others, yet several teachers from around the globe stepped up and into the practice of sustaining what worked and bringing new life into how to move forward with greater integrity and equanimity.

There are five incredibly bright lights who came together to formulate ASHY. My heart and gratitude go out to Jane Norton, Doc Savage, Deb Payne, Jackie Prete and Benita Galavan for practicing the most demanding yoga of their lives by holding strong and applying their knowledge into the Heart Anusara®. They created First Principle, Inc as the legal entity to be the vehicle for ASHY.

To date ASHY has over 350 licensed teachers around the world! So, yes, Anusara® is very much alive and it’s thriving as a teacher-led organization. Here are some topics of merit: We now have a board of directors with representatives in five global regions ready to receive your input and implement collective decisions. There are revised Immersion and Teacher Training manuals in several languages as the curriculum has been refined by a designated curriculum committee! ASHY has a new entry-level teacher category so that new graduates from an ASHY 200 teacher training can hold an Anusara® license. We are also coming out with a brand new 300-hour Advanced Teacher Certification program!

The first gathering of ASHY was a huge success! Bringing so many teachers and yogis dedicated to Anusara® Yoga was a testament to the truth of the method. It feels incredible to trust that I am aligning with a global community of yogis with committed passion, the ability to be mindful about deeply concentrating on the sadhana—the spiritual practice of yoga—in addition to the physical practice, and most importantly the willingness to stand up in adversity and apply the knowledge of how to remain strong in the Unity of the Heart.

Check out the Anusara® School of Hatha Yoga website and see what we're up to! Email your insights and ideas for the school to Deb Payne at

Love and Light,

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