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Is 60 Really the New 40; Yoga Tells the Truth

Yoga students in Tiffany Wood's class

Is 60 really the new 40? I can’t answer this question from Cosmopolitan’s view, but when I take a look around all of my yoga classes, I can definitely say, Yes! 60 is the new 40! When you glance any yoga hottie from behind, you often have no idea if you’re looking at a 20 year old bootie or a 60 year old physique!  Forget looks, however. That’s just so not the point...  What I’m interested is this… according to the feature article in this month’s National Geographic ‘On Beyond 100’, babies born today are very well going to live to be 150 years old!

Yes, I just said live to be 150 years old! Well, I’m no baby and I can’t even imagine living another 106 years. But, I do believe that we are easily going to start living well beyond 100. And if that’s the case, then you can stop worrying about your “to do” list. You’ve got plenty of time! Let go of that stress and you’ve already bought yourself an extra 15 years.

How is our life’s expectancy going to increase so dramatically? I believe it’s a combination of our DNA mutating to prevent the diseases that shorten life as referenced in National Geographic along with our ever expanding Awareness of how to live life more skillfully through better diets, regular exercise, and most importantly our evolution into heightened consciousness. You see, as more and more westerners are embracing the spiritual practice of yoga, they are not just fine tuning their bods, they are learning to open to Grace and to see the good in all things especially themselves.    

If you’re saying “I really would love to live to a ripe old age, but I only want to if I’m going to be able to remember it and enjoy it.” Then this all the more reason to engage the practice of yoga. And this brings me back what  I have witnessed in my yoga classes over the past 16 years. Yogis all around the world are getting better with age. We are becoming stronger, more flexible and we are continually pushing the boundaries of our limited capabilities as divine Beings cloaked in human form. I am continuously amazed at how my students, my fellow yogis, and I are discovering deeper expressions of the endless physical postures and shining the light of Awareness more skillfully into the art of living fully. Add in the life affirming alignment principles of Anusara® yoga and people are learning to heal everything from low back pain to digestive disorders. The practice of yoga is empowering people to live life from health and abundance.

If you are thinking to yourself, “Some days I already feel like I’m 100. Why would I want to live to actually be that old”? Here’s the catch; research has proven that you will die at the age in which you have made up your mind you will die. In other words, if your father died at age 70 and so did his father, you may believe that you will also die at age 70. Studies suggest that you will end up proving yourself right by dying at age 70! You are what you think is the name of this game.

Yoga not only strengthens our bodies it softens our rigid individualistic perspectives and we begin to see the God in all things. We also begin to see God in ourselves. From that reference, not only do we begin to make more life affirming choices, we begin to tap into the Power/Shakti that is life Itself! The more frequently we tune into this Supreme Vibration, the better we feel, the better we feel, the more juice we pour into life and the more juice we pour into life, we get more life in return.  Sounds wonderful to me.

So, who really cares how old you are! You are as old as your spine is flexible, your muscles are strong, your heart is receptive, and your mind is open. Embrace that you will never stop getting better. ONE yoga class per week will strengthen the physical and mental container of Consciousness that looks like you and goes by your first name while improving your life in measurable and countless ways. Will it prove that 60 is the new 40, 70 the new 30, or that living to be 150 will be a positive and joyful experience? Only time will tell. You are human after all!

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