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Six Step Integration Contemplation


I can explain this year like jumping on the go-cart, speeding around and around and around the abundant track of life and, finally, running out gas.

One can ride only so far on one tank!

As I sat in meditation the other morning, I opened to Grace and asked for insight on how to best approach the coming New Year. I received one word...Integration. That was such a huge 'A Ha moment' that tears of gratitude, joy, exhaustion, and relief affirmed that I had truly been given a golden nugget of wisdom! It makes so much sense. How can I begin thinking about what's to come if I haven't allowed for what has been to integrate?

Integration is defined as mixing things, systems or people together that were formerly separated. Strategic integration is used as an important element in the process of improving organizational performance because it facilitates the continuous alignment of strategies within the ever changing environment. 

I think of integration as remembering all the small small pieces are one big piece!

Remembering we are a part of the bigger picture is truly the highest purpose of the non-dual Tantra yoga practices. Yet, it seems that we get pulled away from this intention of our practice and all too often seek and even prize the next big goal, posture, or event over honoring and integrating how we came to where we are right now. We take Savasana at the end of an asana practice AND a meditation for this reason; to allow the pieces of the practice to rest in an integrative pause as to allow the wholeness of who we are to be fully remembered. Why not take a similar pause in the practice of life?

I've learned enough over 22 years of teaching from my own experiences and needs to know that if I am needing integration, then my students may as well. As we pull into the tail end of 2018, maybe we can do so with a little integrated awareness so that we create the year to come from fullness rather than on vapor fumes. I created this contemplation for myself and I hope you'll find it useful as well!

Six Step- 30 minute Integration Contemplation -

1. Take time for five minutes of centering or meditation. It will help to be in a reflective and quiet mindset!

2. List 6-10 MILE MARKERS -events, lessons, experiences- of the last 6 to 12 months. Use as few words as possible. Be objective and state facts. Try to omit judgment. 

3. Honor the good and allow for difficulties to become your teacher/guide! 

  • How do you feel NOW as you reflect and take stock of the highs and even a low or two of the time period you are reflecting upon?
  • What do you need NOW that you have had a chance to look back?

4. Own your power! 

  • How did you co-create the Mile Markers? 
  • How can you meet your needs and fill your tank from HERE?

5. What is the Silver Lining from the past 6 to 12 months that will help fuel the way forward? 

6. Write a Goal Statement for the year ahead from the place of bringing all the pieces of where you've been into an integrated whole of who you are and where you want to go from here forward. 

I recommend setting a 5 minute timer for each step so that you will want to take time for this important yoga off the mat practice

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