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I'm so high right now!

I'm so high right now! 

Not that kinda high, silly. High on love. High on gratitude. High on seeing so many wise and beautiful faces show up from all over the world to the live online classes we've shared this week. I've worked out some of the kinks on my end of the zoom meeting so that this morning I was centered enough to truly enjoy each "ding dong" that sounded as a new yogi entered the virtual practice space. I felt my heart swell with such gratitude as I got to drink in each of you arriving to share what has so deeply opened our connection to each other over years of practicing in person. Yes, the gratitude is partly that you are showing up to take a class from me. Even more, however, I feel gratitude that you are showing up for your practice with amazing yogis from all corners of our shared world. People you may never have "met" if it weren't for our collective need to reach into a new way to practice! 

Wow! I wish wish COVID-19 had never happened and yet, in it's pathway of destruction, I see so much good coming from this profound time in history. We are getting to see just how interconnected we are as a human family. For worse and for better, we are in this together witnessing how our actions or in-actions affect the world in which we live as individuals and as ONE. 

Its a time of radical change 

We are being asked to evaluate our values as we navigate the forced pause that can so easily open the fears that naturally arise when our way of life is threatened. Six weeks into this pause called covid-19, I know we've all gone up and down through our fears and our gratitude for the sacredness of this time to evaluate what is important and have our newly emerging values begin to shine light on the pathway forward. 

I invite you to sit with our global KULA for a few minutes of silence followed by asana

We can all put the Zoom screen on 'gallery view' and take a little time to drink in, to imbibe the power of how we are able to grow, shift, show up, contribute, practice, connect to our hearts together. You will not know everyone or even most of the other people on your screen...

but here's the truth....They are not you. They are sort of like you. They are nothing but you! 

You are not alone. We are sitting in the seat of honor as we choose to make this time of global crisis the recognition that LOVE LEADS THE WAY. 

Please join me on Saturday May 2 9:00 AM MST for an asana practice centered in global connection. Let's unite and send healing love energy to our human family in a way that yogis know leads to elevated health, joy and peace! 

I love you deeply as individuals and as community,


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