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How to Prioritize Happiness

How to Prioritize Happiness

Creating happiness doesn’t mean adding it to your ‘to do list’. Happiness can just show up, like a Girl Scout selling cookies at your doorstep. But, for most people, we have to learn how to prioritize happiness in our lives. The following isn’t a step by step guide, just some great ideas on how to bring the spring to your step with consistency.

Build Play into Your Day-Week-Year

Fill in your calendar with “play” first. Build your other agreements around a well balanced week that gives you time to let your hair down, socialize, exercise, practice yoga etc. Your inner child needs to know there is fun scheduled in addition to responsibilities.

Extra credit….Take time on Sunday to plan the next Sunday!

Extra extra credit...Put your yoga retreat to Mexico with me and Leraine in your Calendar for next April!

Reflect on What Makes You Happy

What makes you come alive and show up in the joy of the moment? You can simply make a list and see what keeps falling to the wayside. I do suggest looking to your good old days for guidance as much as I recommend daydreaming about your perfect “fill in the blank”.

Extra credit…Take some time to dive into a Technicolor visualization from the past or future for 15 minutes. This will totally shift your chemistry AND you will begin to attract that vibration into reality!

Find 5 Minutes to Savor the Small Things

This one is easy. Tune into what is happening right now; allow your senses to guide you. Walk outside and find anything that captures your attention. Have you ever watched a butterfly take a drink of water?

Extra credit…Put the iPhone down, walk to the window and “be with” what you see.

Know that Pleasure Has a Valuable Purpose

Find a way to play the game of service. Think of a volunteer opportunity that will fill your heart with joy and purpose. It doesn’t have to be something big, try doing something nice for someone without telling them who did it.

Extra credit…Sit with an Elder or a homeless person and ask them how you can serve them!

Honor the Way You Do the Things You Do

The Universe went to all this trouble to experience life through you! Honor your unique expression of Divinity and take the pressure off of having to do it any other way but your way. Make a list of what is working in your life and how you created it. Build on your strengths rather than berating your shortcomings.

Extra credit…Write yourself a “touchdown” letter and congratulate yourself for what you’ve accomplished!

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