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How to Make a Laughter Cocktain

How to Make a Laughter Cocktail

Your brain cannot tell the difference between an authentic good hard belly laugh and one that had to come from the desire to create happiness over trauma, drama, and fatigue. Really! Laughter signals the release of  endorphins – the feel good chemicals. A laughter cocktail is my FAVORITE way to literally “mix things up”! I always feel lighter hearted after I throw a couple back!

Step 1: Decide it’s up to you to change your mood!

Step 2: Stick with the awkward first few moments and let yourself dive in.

Step 3: Hold both hands out in front of you as if you’ re double fisted.

Step 4: Use your outside voice and say “Aye, aye” as you mimic pouring one cocktail into the other glass.

Step 5: Drink the cocktail as you laugh and laugh and laugh.

Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 until you are laughing for no good reason!

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