How to Find Balance in Our Busy COVID-Lives

How do we know we are out of balance? When we are in pain, or stressed out, or irritable, or sad, or become short or angry more easily, when we just don't feel like ourselves. So how do we find balance in our busy lives? How do we balance work, play, home schooling, home life and ME-time?

One of the first things I do when checking in is to ask, "What is the Story I am Telling Myself?"

Life Dream Coach, Stephanie Barton advises, that balance comes when you change the stories in your head and step into the flow of your heart. When you are "taking care of yourself, it all gets done easily... Just recognize that you are a human 'being', not a human 'doing.'" What is the story you are telling yourself? For example, "I have SO much to do and so little time to do it." If you are telling yourself this then you are creating this in your life. So once you have identified your story, change it to something you want to create like, "I have plenty of time to do the things I choose to do that make my heart sing and bring joy to myself and others."

When you re-write your story, you are changing your inner dialogue. Your heart truly knows what you need and want, so delve into that sweet all-knowing place and listen. Let your story come from your heart and you will find your "call to action."

Your call to action may require you to let go of some of the shoulds entirely or to find a way to relate to them from your heart. Once you change the story, you will begin to feel much happier, more energized and much lighter. You will be able to get everything done with grace and ease, connecting with the divine flow of the Universe itself, and have plenty of time for you and the things you love to do. How cool is that?!

Sending you loving vibes always,