How is Savasana changing the world?

Tiffany Wood's Yoga student in Savasana Yoga Pose

Open to the possibility that your post Savasana Bliss is the reason why our planet is experiencing a huge paradigm shift in consciousness. Yes, by you stepping into phase with yourself and coming into resonance with your fellow yogis, love is amplifying and the rest of the population is awakening as well. The principle of rhythm entrainment is the reason why this happens.

Everything in life is pulsing in rhythm, the cycle of day and night, the ebb and flow of the ocean tide, and the beating of your heart and the vibration of your brain waves. When rhythm or vibrations of similar frequency come together in harmony, the combination amplifies the experience and creates a rhythmic entrainment. Two close friends entrained in conversation may finish each other’s statements. Women who spend a lot of time together will begin to menstruate together. Musicians step into phase with one another and collectively come into such resonance that they create something much larger than they would individually. This is also what happens in every yoga class every single day across the globe!

When you harmonize the vibrations of life that stream through you, you feel a deeper sense of connectedness and peace. The power of your harmonic vibration is then amplified by coming into phase with all the others present in the class. The intensity of your expansion is increased as your begin to resonate with those around you and the community of like minds and hearts is more deeply knit.

Sympathetic vibration holds the power to awaken another similarly tuned instrument, be it a violin or an instrument of consciousness such as another Being. When you heighten your state of consciousness you can activate the awareness of someone else when your vibration is attuned to the love in both of your hearts. When you lock into the same rhythm with those around you, the volume gets turned up and the experience holds the power to transform at a level that transcends the boundaries of proximity.

So, rest well in your Savasana! You are being the change you wish to see in the world and we are all changing the world one Savasana at a time. Thank you!